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Occasionally a student’s physical or mental health condition may impact upon their own, or others’, ability to fulfil their potential; alternatively a student’s behaviour may give cause for concern but the Student Disciplinary Procedures may not be the most appropriate route of resolution. The Fitness to Study Policy for all students enrolled on courses leading to AECC University College awards outlines the action that we will take in such instances to ensure that issues can be dealt with in a clear and transparent fashion. The policy is available in full from the Latest Policies webpage.
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Occasionally. An employee assigned occasionally to provide non-English language services, including Braille and sign language, will receive a Bilingual Premium Pay Differential of two percent (2%). The criteria for receiving the differential will be: a) when assigned by management, or b) at the request of the employee with the supervisor’s agreement, or, c) after a job audit. The employee must agree to use the bilingual skill during his or her normal work shift regardless of assignment. The Bilingual Premium Pay Differential of two percent (2%) will be reported to CalPERS as Bilingual Premium Special Assignment Pay. However, any hours worked on overtime are excluded from CalPERS reported “compensation earnable” in California Government Code Section 20635.
Occasionally circumstances outside of the College’s control may result in the closure of a course. In the unlikely event of this happening the College will notify you as soon as reasonably possible. The College will:
Occasionally. Once in a while in the course of most weeks.
Occasionally. Never _________________________ _________________________ _________________________

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  • Tickets Each Ticket represents a limited, revocable license to enter the Venue to attend the specific Event listed on the applicable Ticket. No person, except for attendees under the age of three, may enter the Venue without a Ticket, and re-entry is prohibited. Failure to comply with this Agreement shall result in forfeiture of this license and all rights arising hereunder without refund or credit and shall entitle KSE to pursue all legal remedies available.

  • Dinner Dinner reimbursement may be claimed only if the employee is away from his/her temporary or permanent work station in a travel status overnight or is required to remain in a travel status until after 7:00 P.M.

  • Lunch If the Company elects to furnish a lunch meal, it will be suitable and may be in the form of a box lunch. The meal shall be eaten at the job site or a Company designated location. Employees eating a box lunch or other Company-provided lunch at the job site will be allowed 30 minutes paid time to eat and will also be granted the dollar amount of the meal allowance as specified under the labor agreement.

  • PETS Tenant shall not keep any pets on the Property without the prior written consent of the Landlord. If Landlord grants permission to Tenant to keep pets, an additional security deposit of $ will be required by the Landlord to keep in trust for potential damage to the Property caused by Tenant’s pets.

  • Coaches (a) Seat rotation: To ensure all passengers have the opportunity to enjoy front and window seats, a daily seat rotation system is employed on all of Our coaches and You must follow the seat rotation system.

  • Overtime Hours Except as otherwise provided in this section, all hours worked in excess of the established work day, before or after an employee's regular scheduled shift, or on any regularly scheduled day off, shall be considered overtime. All paid vacation time, paid holidays, paid sick leave, compensatory time off, and paid leaves of absence shall be considered as "time worked" for purposes of this Article. Part-time employees whose established work day is less than eight (8) hours shall not be considered to be working overtime until having completed eight (8) hours of work.

  • Lunch Breaks The lunch break will consist of a one-half hour (or one hour where scheduled) unpaid break taken mid-way during regular work day. In the event that an employee is required to work during his regular lunch period he shall be allowed a one-half hour lunch period between the hours of ll:30 a.m. and l:00 p.m., otherwise he shall be paid double time for working through said lunch period.

  • Dogs 6.1. The Tenant shall not bring or cause to be brought onto the Allotment Site a dog unless it is held at all times on a leash, and remains on the Tenant’s Allotment Garden only. Any faeces to be removed and disposed of off site by the Tenant.

  • SDBE The Contractor shall comply with all applicable provisions of Article III of Chapter 18 of the Durham City Code (Equal Business Opportunities Ordinance), as amended from time to time. The failure of the Contractor to comply with that article shall be a material breach of contract which may result in the rescission or termination of this contract and/or other appropriate remedies in accordance with the provisions of that article, this contract, and State law. The Participation Plan submitted in accordance with that article is binding on the Contractor. Section 18-59(f) of that article provides, in part, “If the City Manager determines that the Contractor has failed to comply with the provisions of the Contract, the City Manager shall notify the Contractor in writing of the deficiencies. The Contractor shall have 14 days, or such time as specified in the Contract, to cure the deficiencies or establish that there are no deficiencies.” It is stipulated and agreed that those two quoted sentences apply only to the Contractor’s alleged violations of its obligations under Article III of Chapter 18 and not to the Contractor’s alleged violations of other obligations.

  • Links If The Services are made available through the Internet, the Financial Institution’s website may provide links to other websites, including those of Third Parties who may also provide services to You. You acknowledge that all those other websites and Third Party services are independent from the Financial Institution’s and may be subject to separate agreements that govern their use. The Financial Institution and Central 1 have no liability for those other websites or their contents or the use of Third Party services. Links are provided for convenience only, and You assume all risk resulting from accessing or using such other websites or Third Party services.