Advertisements definition

Advertisements or “Advertising” means display of any advertisement material including pictures, printed material, electric / electronic media, smart posters, holographic images, visual display or any other innovative advertising media, etc which are not objectionable or prohibited under various statutes, codes, policies, etc as applicable from time to time.
Advertisements means any material that Customer submits to be published by Publisher either online or in print pursuant to a Booking Form, including any linked website, area and/or information specified in the Booking Form;

Examples of Advertisements in a sentence

  • Advertisements and information briefings were published in the local press, community newspapers, and the Comhairle web site.

  • FTC Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements (Dec.

  • The proposal is contrary to Policies ENV B.1.1 (New Development), ENV B.1.3 (High Buildings and Structures) and ENV B.1.4 (Advertisements), within the Unitary Development Plan (2003).

  • Self-Serve Advertisements are displayed on a portion of the page viewed by FACEBOOK users.

  • Paragraph 8: Advertisements concerning the elaboration of standards and conformity assessment procedures are published in the magazine " Normalización" and in the loose-leaf bulletin "Páginas Sueltas" and are made available to all domestic and foreign interested parties on the website of the National Bureau of Standards:

More Definitions of Advertisements

Advertisements or “Advertising” means display of any art work which is not objectionable or prohibited under various statutes, codes, policies, etc as applicable from time to time.
Advertisements the Subscriber acknowledges that the Subscriber has not purchased Shares as a result of any general solicitation or general advertising, including advertisements, articles, notices or other communications published in any newspaper, magazine or similar media or broadcast over radio or television, or any seminar or meeting whose attendees have been invited by general solicitation or general advertising;
Advertisements means Customer’s listings and other advertisements.
Advertisements means Internet-based advertisements, regardless of the form (such as text or banner) of such advertisement.
Advertisements means any text, graphics, image, content or any other marketing or promotional material provided by you to Happenings for placement within Happenings web properties as set out on the first page;