Air Filters Sample Clauses

Air Filters. It is understood that employees who work in 3rd Party (Housekeeping) change air filters in the assembly building air supply houses, administration and mezzanine air supply houses, supply air units over oven enclosures, spray booth air supply houses, substation air supplies, oven filters (other than Department 15), weld and grind booth air supply and exhaust, and production welding operations exhaust (such as Torit filters). Employees assigned to booth cleaning functions are assigned to change final mat dispersion air filters in prep booths, spray booths, vestibules, flash tunnels and oven filters (these filters are within the physical confinements of the Paint Department (15). This understanding does not effect any air filter changes currently being made by skilled trades employees. Production Department employees are not assigned to change air filters.
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Air Filters. Contractor shall replace the air filter elements in all cabinets so equipped every six
Air Filters. Replace all filtration media immediately at the conclusion of the job.
Air Filters. The Contractor removes all old air filters on each clarifier vacuum blower system and disposes of them according to the Employer’s waste management procedure.  The Contractor supplies and installs new air filters on each clarifier vacuum blower system including new gaskets, reducers, extensions, gaskets, spacers, brackets, bolts, nuts and washers etc., where required.  The Contractor supplies the relevant datasheets, conformance certificate, final inspection reports and safety clearance certificates.  Specifications:
Air Filters. P. 23 54 10
Air Filters. 1. The District will work with the Association in the event that physical distancing measures cannot be implemented within the classroom following CDPH guidelines.

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