Notwithstanding Sample Clauses

Notwithstanding. Notwithstanding that the transactions and events set out herein shall occur and shall be deemed to occur in the order set out in this Plan of Arrangement without any further act or formality, each of the Parties to the Arrangement Agreement shall make, do and execute, or cause to be made, done and executed, all such further acts, deeds, agreements, transfers, assurances, instruments or documents as may reasonably be required by either of them in order further to document or evidence any of the transactions or events set out herein.
Notwithstanding. Article 3.1 herein, the parties acknowledge and agree that the University may use the Technology and any Improvements without charge in any manner whatsoever for research, scholarly publication, educational or other non-commercial uses.
Notwithstanding. Notwithstanding the time-limits as set out herein, in the interest of bringing the matter to an expeditious conclusion, where the decision or response is provided in less than the number of days provided above, any subsequent response will measure from the receipt of the response.
Notwithstanding. (i) the time, place, order of execution or recordation of this Note, (ii) any terms or provisions of this Note to the contrary, or (iii) any law, rule or regulation of any applicable governmental body to the contrary, the Holder and the Company hereby confirm and agree that: (A) this Note is hereby expressly made subject to and subordinate in priority to any future indebtedness of the Company that is denominated as senior in collection and/or payment to the Note (“Senior Debt”); (B) this Note shall be subject, and subordinate in payment, to the Senior Debt; and (C) the terms and provisions of this Note are expressly hereby made subject to and subordinate to the terms and provisions of the Senior Debt. Without limiting the foregoing, the Holder agrees that all rights of the Holder in this Note shall be expressly subject to and subordinate to the rights of any holder of Senior Debt. La Rxxx Holdings Corp. – Unsecured Subordinated Promissory Note 2
Notwithstanding. Section 1 above, if a teacher is hired prior to meeting the license requirements for the position, the teacher will not begin to accrue seniority until the teacher meets the license requirements. Once license has been obtained, the teacher will be granted seniority retroactive to his/her initial date of employment in the Unit A bargaining unit.
Notwithstanding. The extra losses suffered by the Lessor or its legal successor(s) as a result of retrospective impact shall be payable by the Lessee immediately, in full and in one lump sum. The Lessor or its legal successor(s) shall co-operate if the Lessee wishes to have the statement in relation to these extra losses of the Lessor or its legal successor(s) checked by an independent registered accountant. The costs of this are borne by the Lessee.
Notwithstanding. Article 8.1 above, BA may, at its discretion, and on an as-needed basis, disclose the fact that BA has been granted the BSA Non-Assertion Covenant and the PU/PO Non-Assertion Covenant to its customers and to potential customers, provided that BA shall impose on such customers the confidentiality obligations and use restrictions no less stringent than those as BA assumes under this Agreement.
Notwithstanding. Article 9.1, Maxygen agrees to assign, and hereby assigns, to GB all right, title and interest in [*******].
Notwithstanding. Article 4.1, subject to the provisions of the Companies Act, and without prejudice to any rights attached to any existing shares or class of shares (including, for the avoidance of doubt, that no share shall rank in priority to the Ordinary Shares with respect to the dividend rights of the Ordinary Shares as a result of any payment under the R&W Policy):
Notwithstanding. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, this Agreement shall not be interpreted or applied so as to require either Party to do, or refrain from doing, anything which could constitute a violation or result in a loss of economic benefit under the United States, European Union or Jersey trade restrictions, anti-boycott laws or regulations.