Negotiate in “Good Faith Sample Clauses

Negotiate in “Good Faith. The Landlord and Xxxxxx agree to negotiatein good faith” to reach mutually agreeable terms to facilitate a sale of the Premises. ☐ - Other. [OTHER OPTION TO PURCHASE].
Negotiate in “Good Faith. A serious and honest effort on the part of each party to reach agreement, including but not limited to, the duty on the part of each party to provide the other with all information, records, data, worksheets and budgetary materials which may be relevant to the negotiation of negotiable items, and the duty to meet and negotiate as provided in Government Code Section 3543.7.
Negotiate in “Good Faith. If the parties do not resolve the dispute under clause 12.3, a director of each disputing party (where the disputing party is a company), and otherwise the individual, must negotiate in good faith to resolve the dispute for a period of up to 10 Business Days (or a longer period agreed in writing by the parties to the dispute) after the end of the period referred to in clause 12.3. Where one of the disputing parties is the Company, the director must not be a nominee of the other disputing party (unless this is not possible because all persons entitled to appoint directors are party to the dispute).
Negotiate in “Good Faith. The Member Councils agree that they will cooperate with each other and at all times act in good faith and with the joint objective of successfully and expeditiously concluding and carrying out all of the arrangements and agreements contemplated in this Memorandum.
Negotiate in “Good Faith. If either party notifies the other in writing of any dispute arising out of or in relation to the Contract, the parties must in good faith endeavour to resolve the dispute. The parties may agree to use a mediator.
Negotiate in “Good Faith. The Reserved Claims are not part of the NSI Intellectual Property Rights and will not be affected by any dismissal, release, or covenant not to sue xxx forth in paragraph 3.2. The Parties will negotiate in good faith to attempt to reach resolution of Reserved Claims before January 20, 2000. Prior to January 20, 2000, each Party will not commence an action or proceeding against the other Party on the Reserved Claims; provided, however, either Party may assert the Reserved Claims as counterclaims in any action or proceeding the other Party commences in breach of the obligation in this subparagraph.
Negotiate in “Good Faith. CEGEDIM and IMS shall use their reasonable best efforts to negotiate in good faith regarding the expansion of their commercial relationships.
Negotiate in “Good Faith. The parties agree to attempt to resolve any dispute which may arise under the Agreement through negotiations in good faith. Except as provided in this clause, no party shall commence any arbitration or litigation in relation to this Agreement unless it has first given the other party notice of the dispute, and invited the chief executive for the other party to meet with its own chief executive for the purpose of endeavouring to resolve the dispute on mutually acceptable terms.
Negotiate in “Good Faith a. Bidder/Proposer provided an explanation for any rejected DBE bid or price quotation.
Negotiate in “Good Faith. 2 The District and the Association, in accordance with the Public Employees Collective 3 Bargaining Act, shall meet at reasonable times to confer and negotiate in good faith with 4 respect to wages, hours and working conditions, and the establishment of grievance 5 procedures, which pertain to the District’s public employees represented by the Association.