Mortgagee Sample Clauses

Mortgagee. Upon WTC giving any notice in accordance with Section 11.1, Mortgagee shall (if and so long as such citizenship is necessary under the Act as in effect at such time or, if it is not necessary, if and so long as Mortgagee's citizenship could have any adverse effect on Owner, or any Note Holder), subject to Section 9.02 of the Trust Indenture, resign as Mortgagee promptly upon its ceasing to be such a citizen.
Mortgagee. The mortgagee or beneficiary named in the Mortgage and the successors and assigns of such mortgagee or beneficiary.
Mortgagee. The lessor under any present and future ground or underlying lease of the Property and the holder of any mortgage, deed to secure debt or trust deed now or hereafter in force against the Property or the Building.
Mortgagee. A covered loss will be payable to the Mortgagee(s) named on the Policy Declarations, to the extent of their interest and in the order of precedence. All provisions of Section I of this policy apply to these mortgagees. We will:
Mortgagee. An insured loss will be payable to the mortgagee(s) named on the Declarations Page, to the extent of their interest and in their order of precedence. All provisions of this policy apply to these mortgagees. We will protect the mortgagee’s interest in an insured building or structure in the event of an increase in hazard, intentional or criminal acts of any of you, neglect by any of you to take all reasonable steps to save and pre- serve property after an insured loss, a change in ownership, or foreclosure if the mortgagee has no knowledge of these conditions. The mortgagee will:
Mortgagee. “Mortgagee” means the holder of the beneficial interest under a Mortgage, or the owner of the Property, or interest therein, under a Mortgage.
Mortgagee. The term "Mortgagee" shall be deemed to include General Electric Capital Corporation and any of its successors and assigns, including anyone who shall have succeeded to Lessor's interest in and to the Lease and the Project by, through or under judicial foreclosure or sale under any power or other proceedings brought pursuant to the Mortgage, or deed in lieu of such foreclosure or proceedings, or otherwise.