MMS Sample Clauses

MMS. Multimedia messages often defaming or obscene are sent among small groups using mobile phones/Bluetooth If there had been a sharing in many mobile equipments the first source couldn’t be fixed. Eg: Arrest of the Managing Director of in a school MMS scandal in Delhi.
MMS. 2 2h h where mh, mi are respectively the Higgs and the various heavy quark masses, pT is the transverse momentum of the outgoing Higgs boson and s is the (hadronic) center-of-mass energy.2Equation (2.1) can be cast in the form of a standard convolution by an appropriate choice of hard scale. To see this, we define τ r(τ, ξp) = τ thus identifying the threshold energy√1 + ξp +√ξp = Q2, (2.3)sH√Q2 = qm2+ p2 + √p2 JHEP08(2016)150(2.4) TTwith the physical scale of the process. Note that when pT mH, τ r ≈ τ , while whenT4p2s
MMS. Candies are a registered trademark of Mars, Inc.
MMS. Multi-media messaging service, which means sending messages between mobile phones or between mobile phones and computer email. These can be text messages, still images or short films.
MMS. Only listings holding a communications address that supports MMS communication shall be considered for selection.