Membership Rights Sample Clauses

Membership Rights. A. The District agrees that it shall not directly or indirectly impede, restrain, or attempt to restrain any employee from belonging to the Association, taking an active part in Association affairs, or discriminate against any employee because of the employee’s Association membership or lawful Association activity.
Membership Rights. For purposes of this Agreement, the membership rights of a Member (the "Membership Rights") shall mean the totality of a Member's rights as a member under the Agreement and the Act, including both economic and non-economic rights.
Membership Rights. Upon the Effective Date of the Restructuring, the voting, ownership and liquidation rights of the Members of Mutual will become the rights of Members of the MHC, subject to the conditions specified below.
Membership Rights. (a) The Membership shall be enjoyed by the Team Member subject to the terms and provisions of this Agreement and League Rules. The Membership shall entitle the Team Member, co-equally with the other owners of League teams, to all of the collective rights, privileges and benefits enjoyed by such owners in their capacity as such (except as provided in League Rules), including the ownership of a membership interest in WNBA on the terms set forth in the WNBA LLC Agreement, a counterpart of which is being executed by the Team Member contemporaneously with the execution of this Agreement; provided, however, that the Membership shall not entitle the Team Member to any rights, privileges or benefits enjoyed by such owners with respect to matters relating to any League season prior to the 2003 League season. The Membership shall further entitle the Team Member to exercise and exploit, in each case in accordance with and subject to League Rules, the following local rights with respect to the Team, and to retain all revenues derived from the exercise of those rights:
Membership Rights. All rights of a Member concerning the Company other than that Member’s Transferable Interest, and shall include: (a) the right to inspect the books and records of the Company; (b) the right, to the extent specifically provided for in this Agreement, to participate in the business, affairs and management of the Company and to vote on or grant consent or approval concerning matters coming before the Company; and (c) appoint the Manager.
Membership Rights. All employees working in the bargaining unit shall have the right to become a union member upon hire. When possible, the Port will strive to refer questions from employees about union membership directly to the union.
Membership Rights. 7.1 The Union assumes all obligations and responsibility for the continued membership of their members and the collection of their dues. The Union shall retain the right to discipline its members at all times. No employee shall be discriminated against for the upholding of union principles or for serving on a committee and he shall not lose his position or be discriminated against for this reason.
Membership Rights. The Members have vested the management of the Company in the Manager and shall have no management rights. A Member’s Membership Rights includes all rights of a Member other than the Member’s Transferrable Interest and shall include the following rights and powers, provided that any vote on these items require a Majority in Interest: