For Death Sample Clauses

For Death. This Agreement shall terminate immediately, without notice or any payment in lieu thereof, upon the death of the Executive.
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For Death. (5) This is the date the Executive reaches Normal Retirement Age.
For Death. In the event the Executive dies while employed pursuant hereto, on the day in which his death occurs, provided that such termination shall not prejudice any benefits payable to the Executive’s spouse or beneficiaries that are fully vested as of the date of death.
For Death. Upon the Employee’s Date of Death (“Death”).
For Death. ⚫ The full amount of insurance will be paid to your beneficiary For Dismemberment ⚫ The full amount of insurance will be paid to the loss of: both hands, both feet, the sight of both eyes, one hand and one foot, one hand and the sight of one eye, one foot and the sight of one eye. ⚫ One half of the amount of insurance will be paid to you for the loss of: one hand, one foot, the sight of one eye. Total Disability Benefit If you establish a claim under the Group Life Insurance total disability benefit, premiums for the Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance will be waived and this insurance will be continued for the duration of total disability, but not beyond your birthdate.
For Death. Maturity Other Ordinary Substandard Policies, the Standard Enhancement shall equal 15 percent of the Policy's Face Amount at the time of the insured's death or the Policy's maturity.
For Death. Maturity Policies, a cash payment equal to three percent of the Policy's Face Amount at the time of the insured's death or the Policy's maturity.
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For Death. 1) This agreement shall terminate without notice upon the Executive's death.
For Death.  Duly completed claim formIdentification tags/microchip of Insured Cattle  Death Certificate duly attested by authorized veterinary doctor.  Postmortem report from authorized veterinary doctor.  Post-Mortem should be conducted by veterinary doctor from local Government Hospital or any other veterinary doctor authorized by the Company.  A photograph of minimum 10” X 8” size of the Insured Cattle.  Photograph must be such that Identification tag number should be clearly visible. Group photograph shall not be admitted for registration of claim.  In case or death due to any disease (if specifically covered under the Policy) all the papers in connection with the treatment received from a veterinary doctor.  In case of death due to Vehicular accident, FIR, Spot Panchnama. Closing Report from the Police.
For Death 
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