Activities and Services Sample Clauses

Activities and Services. (a) Babies First!: services may be provided to eligible perinatal women, infants and children through four years of age who have one or more risk factors for poor health or growth and development outcomes. Services may also be provided to a parent or primary caregiver of an eligible child. Services must be delivered in accordance with Babies First! Program Guidance provided by the Maternal and Child Health Section.
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Activities and Services. 7.1 Bryn Xxxxx Xxxx offers a number of activities and catering services. All other external activities to take place at the Hall other than those offered by the Owners require prior consent. Third party catering is not permitted at the Hall.
Activities and Services. In order to ensure long-term partnership and the sustainability of the FoodNet Meta-cluster as well as to achieve its vision the following activities and services are planned:: • Setting-up, management and sustaining the FoodNet Meta-cluster as European Strategic Cluster Collaboration Partnership, including development of a roadmap for implementation with a long-term cooperation agenda to xxxxxx the sustainability of the partnership. • Development of Internationalisation Strategy Plan and Roadmap for its implementation. • Systematic and continuous support for mapping of innovation and market opportunities in the field of agri-food and eco-logistics. • Initiating and coordinating of inter cluster collaboration as well as collaboration between European clusters in food and logistics sector, and with clusters and SMEs in other industries (cross sectoral collaboration). • Facilitating co-financing of projects and actions by providing information on possible public and private funding. • Mapping cooperation possibilities in third countries, and setting-up of communication and cooperation agreement with organizations supporting international cooperation in these countries and regions. • Providing services as training, informing, lobbying, partnership building, events / trade missions / fairs / matchmaking events organisation and/or participation, • Communication and promotion plan to support development of joint brand and international recognition of competitiveness of the FoodNet Meta cluster and their members. • IPR support, technology transfer
Activities and Services. The UNIVERSITY requests qualified mentors to provide activities and services for the Candidates, to act as “Cooperating Teachers” for Candidates in the Teacher Preparation programs, “Host Teachers” for Candidates in the Endorsement programs, or “Principal Mentors” for Candidates in the Educational Leadership and Administration programs. The qualifications for “cooperating teachers” are listed in EXHIBIT A, the qualifications for “host teachers” are listed in EXHIBIT B, and the qualifications for “principal mentors” are listed in EXHIBIT C. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Candidate shall be responsible for the following:
Activities and Services. 7.1 Bryn Xxxxx Xxxx offers a number of activities and catering services. All other external activities to take place at the Lodge other than those offered by the Owners require prior consent. Third party catering is not permitted at the Lodge.
Activities and Services. 3.1 Expanded Provision of Medication-Assisted Treatment Through Technical Assistance. Contractors engaging JBBS funding shall access technical assistance to expand access to care for persons who are incarcerated with substance use disorder (SUD) through the following activities:
Activities and Services. The primary activity of the Summer Youth Employment Program is to provide paid, meaningful work experience, related training and career exploration. The worksite provides the work experience, training and supervision. The SYEP Sub grantee provides coordination and counseling of the participant to assist the partnership in providing career objectives to participants. Worksite supervision, provided by your staff supervisors, is unpaid, voluntary and extremely important to the development of the youth assigned to your site. It is greatly appreciated and will help define the success of the SYEP program, as well as the quality of the work done at your worksite. The worksite will provide access to all SYEP participants during normal work hours to the assigned Mentor. Supervisor Responsibilities
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Activities and Services. In the course of my volunteer services to C.A.R.E., I agree: To complete all required training and paperwork relating to my volunteer position(s); To disclose any physical or psychological limitations that may impact my ability to interact with animals. I may be lifting, carrying, moving or otherwise engaging in physical activity as a volunteer and agree that I will use good and sound judgment with regards to any of my personal limitations. I will inform C.A.R.E. in the event of a limitation impacting my volunteer service(s). To immediately disclose any medical condition to C.A.R.E. that I am aware I have or have been exposed to by any other person or animal that is communicable to animals (cats or dogs). This includes, but is not limited to, ringworm, roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, rabies, Lyme disease, and scabies. To fully comply with all rules, policies and direction(s) which may be established by C.A.R.E. To treat all C.A.R.E. volunteers, board members, animals, and property with respect and kindness.
Activities and Services. Except in the cases of banks, the Broker-Dealer Houses shall only be engaged in the Broker-Dealer House business. Consequently, the Broker-Dealer- House may receive and transmit orders on account of others, execute said orders and give and execute orders for their own account. Together with such principal activities, the Broker-Dealer Houses may render services and engage in the incidental activities of the Broker-Dealer Houses, such as:
Activities and Services. Even though the Self Regulated Organizations may perform all the accessory activities or to celebrate all legal type of acts or businesses that, for the fulfillment of their functions may be required, they shall have as an exclusive purpose to engage activities as set forth in the Securities Law and the present Agreement. Among the accessory activities, they may provide the service of establishment of systems for orders channels and other computer technical systems for the members or organizations or entities directly interested in the market, as the issuers, information dissemination, organization of market studies, financial-economic analysis and studies, publications related to the securities market or finance, as well as personnel training, and all those that are included within the definitions and activities that the Securities Law authorize. The Commission may establish general limitations to the activities and services rendered by the Self Regulated Organizations, when it considers necessary to protect the interests of the investing public, the efficient operation of the securities market, or whenever it considers that the personal and technical resources are not the appropriate for the effective performance of their duties. The National Securities Commission may establish those limitations after the hearing the party as set forth in the Article 57 of the Securities Law.
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