Direct Program Sample Clauses

Direct Program. Education and Training cost detail includes only instructional wages, tuition, fees, books, training materials, and consumable supplies for the project.
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  • Marketing Plan (1) No later than six (6) months prior to the date rehabilitation of the Development is projected to be complete, Borrower shall submit to the County for approval its plan for marketing the Development to income-eligible households as required by this HOME Regulatory Agreement (the "Marketing Plan"). The Marketing Plan must include information on affirmative marketing efforts and compliance with fair housing laws and 24 C.F.R. 92.351(a).

  • Development Program A. Development activities to be undertaken (Please break activities into subunits with the date of completion of major milestones)

  • Training Program It is agreed that there shall be an Apprenticeship Training Program, the provisions of which are set forth in Exhibit "C", which is attached hereto and forms part of this Agreement.

  • Educational Program a. The educational program of the School (Section 4, Subsection 6 from the original contract and unchanged here) is as follows:

  • Program 3.01 The Recipient declares its commitment to the Program and its implementation. To this end:

  • Safety Program The Contractor shall design a specific safety program for the Work for the site(s). The Contractor shall establish and require all Subcontractors to establish reasonable safety programs. The Contractor shall also submit its standard monthly safety reports to the Owner and Design Professional. No imposition of responsibility on the Contractor for safety under this Contract shall relieve any subcontractor of its responsibility for safety of persons or property on or near the Project Site. The Contractor shall include in his plant he names of the person in charge of Safety.

  • The Program The Program is a comprehensive commercial energy efficiency program that offers financial incentives and financing for qualifying energy efficiency measures in commercial buildings to customers who are property owners, tenants or managers (customers) of ACE in New Jersey. Customers must receive ACE electric delivery service and be in good standing. Incentives are available to customers for the purchase and installation of qualifying energy-efficiency measures at the location where the qualifying project is to be installed. XXX will not offer financial incentives for the same eligible measure to those customers who have received financial incentives or rebates from other ACE energy efficiency programs.

  • Marketing Plans Contractor and the Exchange recognize that Enrollees and other health care consumers benefit from efforts relating to outreach activities designed to increase heath awareness and encourage enrollment. The parties shall share marketing plans on an annual basis and with respect to periodic updates of material changes. The marketing plans of the Exchange and Contractor shall include proposed and actual marketing approaches, messaging and channels and provide samples of any planned marketing materials and related collateral as well as planned, and when completed, expenses for the marketing budget. The Contractor shall include this information for both the Exchange and the outside individual market. The Exchange shall treat all marketing information provided under this Section as confidential information consistent with Section 1.4.1. The obligation of the Exchange to maintain confidentiality of this information shall survive termination or expiration of this Agreement.

  • Development Activities The Development activities referred to in item “b” of paragraph 3.1 include: studies and projects of implementation of the Production facilities; drilling and completion of the Producing and injection xxxxx; and installation of equipment and vessels for extraction, collection, Treatment, storage, and transfer of Oil and Gas. The installation referred to in item “c” includes, but is not limited to, offshore platforms, pipelines, Oil and Gas Treatment plants, equipment and facilities for measurement of the inspected Production, wellhead equipment, production pipes, flow lines, tanks, and other facilities exclusively intended for extraction, as well as oil and gas pipelines for Production Outflow and their respective compressor and pumping stations.

  • Develop programs 1) The Employer will develop and implement health promotion and health education programs, subject to the availability of resources. Each Appointing Authority will develop a health promotion and health education program consistent with the Minnesota Management & Budget policy. Upon request of any exclusive representative in an agency, the Appointing Authority shall jointly meet and confer with the exclusive representative(s) and may include other interested exclusive representatives. Agenda items shall include but are not limited to smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, health education/self-care, and education on related benefits provided through the health plan administrators serving state employees.

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