Markups Sample Clauses

Markups. Subcontractor shall use markup rates no greater than the following when pricing all change order work: Markup for Overhead 10 % on costs Markup for Profit 5 % on costs The above markups shall be applied to actual direct costs of the work involved in the change including labor, materials, equipment and subcontracted work. The overhead markup shall include all of Subcontractor’s costs for overhead including small tools, administration, home office support, management support, and all other such costs. There shall be no other markups for indirect costs or fees charged by Subcontractor, unless described in Exhibit “B”.
Markups. Except as otherwise allowed herein, Contractor shall not add markups or administrative fees to Contractor's expense reimbursement requests. District will reimburse Contractor for vehicle mileage related to providing services at District’s facilities.
Markups. 1. The xxxx-up on any approved Extra Services by sub-consultants shall not exceed five percent (5%).
Markups. Markups on subconsultants and Other Direct Costs are not reimbursable through the Water Storage Investment Program grant and will not be allowed in this Agreement.
Markups. 1. The following items are approved for xxxx-up:
Markups. As directed by the City of Xxxxx, the following add-on percentages were added to the CC to develop the total capital cost: • Engineering Design: 10 percent of CC • Construction Management: 10 percent of CC • General Contingency: 15 percent of CC • Program Administration: 5 percent of CC