Principle Sample Clauses

Principle. In the frame of the Contract, the Supplier shall provide the Purchaser, withoutanyadditional cost, withastockof consignmentspares (hereinafter “Consignment Stock”), enabling the Supplier to facilitate the implementation of its obligations regarding warranty as defined in this Article 16. The content (choice of parts and their number) of which shall guarantee reliable maintenance of the Equipment sold to the Customer and be compatible with the operation requirements and Customer requirements for availability. The Consignment Stock shall not be used to cure Epidemic Defects or Defects which are not covered by warranty asdefined in this Article 16. The ownership of the content of the Consignment Stock shall remain to the Supplier. In the case the Purchaser uses the Consignment Stock for other purposes, the Purchaser shall place an Order within a reasonable delay to replace the used parts. In such case, if the parts are used to cure a Defect within the scope of the Warranty as defined in this Article 16, ownership of the said Parts shall pass, without extra costs, to the Purchaser.
Principle. The Company recognizes the principle of seniority, competency considered. In the application of seniority, it shall be determined first by department and second by plant seniority.
Principle. Proteins are first resolved by electrophoresis. In the second stage, the soluble antigen and antibody are allowed to react. The resultant antigen-antibody complex(es) may become insoluble (as long as the antibody is in slight excess or near equivalency) and precipitate. The precipitation rate depends on the proportions of the reactants, temperature, salt concentration and the pH of the solution. The unreacted proteins are removed by a washing step and the antigen-antibody complex (which might be visible as a white cloudy band in the unstained gel against a dark background) is visualized by staining. The bands in the protein separation are compared with the precipitin bands obtained with immunofixation. REAGENTS
Principle. The Corporation and the Union recognize that constructive and meaningful consultation is necessary in order to reach agreement on all the subjects mentioned in this article. However, nothing in this article precludes meetings for discussion and consultation which may be held outside the process of labour-management consultation on any matter of mutual interest.
Principle. The Employer acknowledges the benefit of Employees planning for their retirement. Prior to retirement, or as a transition to retirement, various options may be explored, taking into account the operational needs of the Employer. Such options include working reduced hours, job sharing and/or gradual retirement.
Principle. Xxxx is authorised to refuse to implement on Day D-1 all or part of a Daily Balancing Schedule for Day D if said Daily Balancing Schedule jeopardises the balance of the load-frequency control area or the safety, reliability or efficiency of the Xxxx Grid. Such situations are detailed in Article 26.3.
Principle. The Board and the Association support the principle of an Employee and Family Assistance Program as a positive means of assisting employees who are in need of some form of professional assistance in resolving personal problems, pressures and stress that have affected or may affect work performance.
Principle. The Board recognizes that quality teaching on call is essential to maintaining a high standard of education in the district. In order to maintain and improve that quality, the Board endorses the following procedures.
Principle. The following shall apply in determining the number of years' experience credit applicable for increment purposes.