Liquidation Amount Sample Clauses

Liquidation Amount. (a) Upon any voluntary or involuntary liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the affairs of the Company (referred to herein as a “liquidation”), the holders of the Preferred Units will be entitled to be paid out of the assets of the Company legally available for distribution to its unitholders liquidating distributions, in cash, in the amount of $100,000 per unit multiplied by the number of outstanding Preferred Units (the “Liquidation Amount”), plus an amount equal to any accumulated and unpaid Current Distributions to the date of such liquidation, before any distribution or payment is made to holders of Common Units or any other equity securities of the Company ranking junior to the Preferred Units as to the distribution of assets upon a liquidation. After payment of the full amount of the liquidating distributions to which they are entitled, the holders of Preferred Units will have no right or claim to any of the remaining assets of the Company.
Liquidation Amount. Upon the occurrence of a Liquidation Date:
Liquidation Amount. In the event of any liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the Company, either voluntary or involuntary, the holders of Series B Notes shall be entitled to receive, prior and in preference to any distribution of any of the assets of the Company to the holders of Common Shares, preferred stock, indebtedness issued upon the conversion of any preferred stock or Subordinated Debt of the Company by reason of their ownership thereof, an amount equal to six million Dollars ($6,000,000) plus all accrued and unpaid interest thereon to the date of liquidation, less any principal amount prepaid by the Company.
Liquidation Amount. Subject to applicable Laws and the due exercise by CallCo of the Liquidation Call Right (which shall itself be subject to the sale and purchase contemplated by the Automatic Exchange Right), in the event of the liquidation, dissolution or winding-up of the Company or any other distribution of the assets of the Company among its shareholders for the purpose of winding up its affairs, a holder of Exchangeable Shares shall be entitled to receive from the assets of the Company in respect of each Exchangeable Share held by such holder on the effective date of such liquidation, dissolution, winding-up or other distribution (the “Liquidation Date”), before any distribution of any part of the assets of the Company among the holders of the Common Shares or any other shares ranking junior to the Exchangeable Shares with respect to dividends or other distributions an amount per share (the “Liquidation Amount”) equal to the Exchangeable Share Price applicable on the last Business Day prior to the Liquidation Date, which price shall be satisfied in full by the Company delivering or causing to be delivered to such holder the Exchangeable Share Consideration representing the Liquidation Amount for each Exchangeable Share held by such holder.
Liquidation Amount. The Trust Securities Certificates shall be executed on behalf of the Trust by the manual or facsimile signature of at least one Administrative Trustee. Trust Securities Certificates bearing the manual or facsimile signatures of individuals who were, at the time when such signatures shall have been affixed, authorized to sign on behalf of the Trust, shall be validly issued and entitled to the benefits of this Declaration of Trust, notwithstanding that such individuals or any of them shall have ceased to be so authorized prior to the delivery of such Trust Securities Certificates or did not hold such offices at the date of delivery of such Trust Securities Certificates. A transferee of a Trust Securities Certificate shall become a Securityholder, and shall be entitled to the rights and subject to the obligations of a Securityholder hereunder, upon due registration of such Trust Securities Certificate in such transferee's name pursuant to Sections 5.04, 5.05 and 5.06.
Liquidation Amount. For any Distribution Date, the excess, if any, of the sum of (A) the aggregate Liquidation Principal for all Group 4 Loans which became Liquidated Mortgage Loans during the Prior Period and (B) any Subsequent Recoveries for such Distribution Date for Loan Group 4, over the Group 4 Senior Liquidation Amount for such Distribution Date.
Liquidation Amount. For purposes of this Agreement, “Liquidation Amount” for the Manager shall mean the amount that the Manager would receive under Section 6.1(b) of this Agreement if all of the Company’s assets, including, without limitation, the Property, were sold at the Property Value (as defined by Section 12.3(b)), all indebtedness and other obligations of the Company as of the date of determination of the Liquidation Amount were then paid, the Company were liquidated and the balance were then distributed as set forth under such Section 6.1(b).
Liquidation Amount. 20 ARTICLE FOUR PROVISIONS FOR THE SERIES B NOTES................................................20
Liquidation Amount. 29 2.37 Parent Securities.................................................... 29 2.38 Dissolution.......................................................... 29 2.39 Common Stock......................................................... 29 2.40
Liquidation Amount. If the Corporation shall be voluntarily or involuntarily liquidated, dissolved or wound up, at any time when any 2008 Senior Preferred shall be outstanding, each then outstanding share of the 2008 Senior Preferred shall entitle the Holder thereof to a preference, against the Property of the Corporation available for distribution to the Holders of the Corporation’s Stock equal to the 2008 Senior Preferred Value plus an amount equal to all unpaid dividends accrued thereon to the date that the Corporation makes the payment available to the Holders.