Lightning Sample Clauses

Lightning. When lightning induced surges appear at the point of connection to a building (the service entrance), a high common mode potential is generated between the current carrying conductors and ground. This potential produces a flow of current that seeks a path to earth to complete the circuit. Lightning can easily induce a 3000-ampere transient into a power line. When this transient reaches a building, the building ground at the service entrance can rise to 60,000 volts (assuming a building earth resistance of 20 ohms). The reference potential for ground in the rest of the building would rise proportionately. In order to protect the building against these high voltage surges, it is important to establish a low resistance earth ground at the service entrance. The National Electrical Code (Article 250, Part 4) specifies that the grounding at a building's service entrance should have a resistance to ground of 25 ohms or less. The IEEE Green Book (Recommended Practice for Grounding, ANSI/IEEE Standard 142-1982) recommends that the ground resistance be less than 5 ohms. If the building contains highly sensitive electronic communications equipment, a ground resistance of 5 ohms or less is recommended if this value can be practically achieved with the given site conditions.
Lightning. 3. Explosion / Implosion Excluding loss, destruction or damage
Lightning. The building is equipped with a certified lightning protection system in compliance with NEN 1014 class LP4.
Lightning b. Windstorm or Hail. However, this exclusion does not apply when:
Lightning. 10. Smoke; or
Lightning c. Explosion/Implosion Excluding loss, destruction of or damage
Lightning if lightning is seen at any time during tournament play, it will be the tournament director’s responsibility to remove all teams and spectators to a safe area such as participant’s vehicle, until the lightning has stopped. The Xxxxxx Xxxxx and Recreation employee on duty shall not let a game resume until 10 or more minutes has passed from last time lightning was seen. If the tournament is completely cancelled due to the weather, all fees shall be returned. Under no circumstance will unauthorized personnel work on fields without permission from the Director of Xxxxxx Xxxxx and Recreation Department.
Lightning. 11. Windstorm or hail. This exclusion does not apply when:
Lightning. For added protection for this product during a lightning storm, or If the product has been exposed to rain or water. d. If the product does not operate normally (following operating
Lightning. 2.3. Explosion/implosion, excluding loss, destruction of or damage: