Wear Sample Clauses

Wear a County-provided pager and/or carry a County-provided cellular phone during standby assignment;
Wear. Carpet will not wear more than 10% of their surface pile weight from abrasive wear. “Abrasive wear” means fiber loss from the carpet through normal abrasion, not crushing or flat- tening of the carpet pile in any area, nor staining, soiling, fading, or change in carpet appearance, nor fiber loss due to abnormal usage of the carpet;
Wear and tear, marring and scratching, gradual deterioration, latent defect, mechanical, electrical or electronic, breakdown, or disturbance, inherent vice, rust or corrosion, extremes of temperature, dampness of atmosphere, wet or dry rot, mould or contamination.
Wear and tear, depreciation or obsolescence, damage or theft through normal course of use or consumption.
Wear use safety belts properly at all times while driving the van. Make a reasonable effort to ensure all Riders are wearing their seat belts.
Wear a County-provided pager, or be available by telephone during standby assignment;
Wear tear, depreciation, the process of cleaning, dyeing repairing or restoring any article, the action of light or atmospheric conditions, moth, insects, vermin or any other gradually operating cause.
Wear and Tear means the gradual deterioration associated with normal use and age of the Craft and its Components.
Wear appropriate personal protective clothing as described in the For Your Safety section of “Safety Rules and Guidelines for Volunteers”.