LIBOR Loan Sample Clauses

LIBOR Loan. Any Loan bearing interest at a rate determined with reference to the LIBOR Rate.
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LIBOR Loan. Any Revolving Loan or portion of either Term Loan bearing ---------- interest at a rate determined with reference to the Adjusted LIBOR Rate.
LIBOR Loan. When a LIBOR Loan is selected, such interest rate shall be fixed for each Interest Period for which it is determined and shall apply for that Loan until another interest rate option is selected by Borrowers' Representative for that Loan.
LIBOR Loan. If Borrower fails to timely deliver a Selection Notice, then such Advance under the Revolving Loan will bear interest at the Prime Rate and will be a Base Rate Loan.
LIBOR Loan. Each Loan that is a LIBOR Loan shall bear interest at a fluctuating per annum rate equal to the Adjusted LIBOR Interest Rate for the applicable Interest Period, as quotes are available, increased by the applicable LIBOR Margin set forth below. Any changes to the LIBOR Margin shall not apply to LIBOR Loans outstanding or requested on the date the LIBOR Margin is adjusted.
LIBOR Loan. Borrower may prepay principal (which shall include all accrued interest thereon) on any LIBOR Loan upon three Business Day’s prior notice to Bank and in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.00, or a whole multiple of $500,000 in excess thereof; provided however, that if the outstanding principal balance of such portion of this Note is less than said amount, the minimum prepayment amount shall be the entire outstanding principal balance thereof. In consideration of Bank providing this prepayment option to Borrower, or if any such portion of this Note shall become due and payable at any time prior to the last day of the Fixed Rate Term applicable thereto, Borrower shall pay to Bank immediately upon demand a fee which is the sum of the discounted monthly differences for each month from the month of prepayment through the month in which such Fixed Rate Term matures, calculated as follows for each such month: Determine the amount of interest which would have accrued each month on the amount prepaid at the interest rate applicable to such amount had it remained outstanding until the last day of the Fixed Rate Term applicable thereto. Subtract from the amount determined in (a) above the amount of interest which would have accrued for the same month on the amount prepaid for the remaining term of such Fixed Rate Term at LIBOR in effect on the date of prepayment for new loans made for such term and in a principal amount equal to the amount prepaid. If the result obtained in (b) for any month is greater than zero, discount that difference by LIBOR used in (b) above. Borrower acknowledges that prepayment of such amount may result in Bank incurring additional costs, expenses and/or liabilities, and that it is difficult to ascertain the full extent of such costs, expenses and/or liabilities. Borrower, therefore, agrees to pay the above-described prepayment fee and agrees that said amount represents a reasonable estimate of the prepayment costs, expenses and/or liabilities of Bank.
LIBOR Loan. Any Loan bearing interest at a rate determined with reference ---------- to the LIBOR Rate. LIBOR Rate. With respect to any LIBOR Loan for any Interest Period, the ---------- rate of interest determined by the Lender to be the prevailing rate per annum at which deposits in U.S. Dollars are offered to the Lender by first-class banks in the interbank LIBOR market in which it regularly participates on or about 10:00 a.m. (Boston time) two Business Days before the first day of such Interest Period in an amount approximately equal to the principal amount of the LIBOR Loan to which such Interest Period is to apply for a period of time approximately equal to such Interest Period.
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LIBOR Loan. All or any portion of the Loan bearing interest ---------- calculated by reference to LIBOR.
LIBOR Loan. 26 MATERIAL....................................................................................26
LIBOR Loan. 16 LICENSES.......................................... 16,55 LIEN.............................................. 16
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