Judgement Sample Clauses

Judgement. The judgement shall be rendered by a majority of the judges of the Trial Chamber or of the Appeals Chamber, and shall be delivered in public. It shall be accompanied by a reasoned opinion in writing, to which separate or dissenting opinions may be appended.
Judgement is he capable of making logical decisions?- does he possess good judgment?
Judgement. Problems expected to solve; decisions expected to make; the degree to which the job is guided by standard procedures; and the supervisors degree of supervision.
Judgement and ‘distressincludedecree’ and ‘diligencerespectively;
Judgement. There is no Judgment outstanding against the Warrantors, the Sale Shares or any of its material properties or assets, except for any Judgment which would not reasonably be expected to have, individually or in the aggregate, a Material Adverse Effect on the Warrantors’ ability to perform their obligations hereunder.
Judgement. A final judgement or order for the payment of money in excess of $5,000,000 (or its equivalent in other currencies at then current rates of exchange) is rendered against the Borrower or its properties and such judgement or order shall continue unsatisfied or unstayed for a period of 15 consecutive days.
Judgement. Any judgement or decree is entered against the Parent, any Originator, the Master Servicer or any other AGCO Party which could have a Material Adverse Effect.
Judgement. Any judgment or order for the payment of money is entered against a Loan Party in an amount that exceeds, individually or cumulatively with all unsatisfied judgments or orders against all Loan Parties, $7,500,000 (or the US Dollar Equivalent thereof) (net of insurance coverage therefor that has not been denied by the insurer), unless a stay of enforcement of such judgment or order is in effect;
Judgement. I fail to satisfy or appeal any judgment against me.
Judgement. If, for the purposes of obtaining judgment in any court, it is necessary to convert a sum due under this Agreement or the Note in one currency into another currency, the rate of exchange used will be that at which the Bank could purchase the first currency with such other currency on the Banking Day preceding that on which final judgment is given. The obligation of the Borrower in respect of any such sum due from it to the Bank under this Agreement or the Note will, notwithstanding any judgment in a currency (the "JUDGMENT CURRENCY") other than that in which such sum is denominated in accordance with the applicable provisions of this Agreement (the "AGREEMENT CURRENCY"), be discharged only to the extent that on the Banking Day following receipt by the Bank of any sum adjudged to be so due in the Judgment Currency, the Bank may purchase the Agreement Currency with the Judgment Currency. If the amount of the Agreement Currency so purchased is less than the sum originally due to the Bank in the Agreement Currency, the Borrower agrees, as a separate obligation and notwithstanding any such judgment, to indemnify the Bank against such loss. If the amount of the Agreement Currency so purchased is greater than the sum originally due to the Bank in such currency, the Bank agrees to return the amount of any excess to the Borrower. 6.7 ONE AGREEMENT. This Agreement and any related other agreements required by this Agreement, collectively: