Judgement Sample Clauses

Judgement. Problems expected to solve; decisions expected to make; the degree to which the job is guided by standard procedures; and the supervisors degree of supervision.
Judgement. A final judgement or order for the payment of money in excess of $5,000,000 (or its equivalent in other currencies at then current rates of exchange) is rendered against the Borrower or its properties and such judgement or order shall continue unsatisfied or unstayed for a period of 15 consecutive days.
Judgement. (a) Any judgment or order for the payment of money in excess of US$250,000,000 (or its equivalent in any other currency or currencies) shall be rendered against an Obligor or any Significant Subsidiary and is not promptly paid by that Obligor or such Significant Subsidiary and either:
Judgement. The judgement shall be rendered by a majority of the judges of the Trial Chamber or of the Appeals Chamber, and shall be delivered in public. It shall be accompanied by a reasoned opinion in writing, to which separate or dissenting opinions may be appended.
Judgement. In the process of applying the Group’s accounting policies, management has made the following judgement, apart from those involving estimations, which has the most significant effect on the amounts recognised in the financial statements:Operating lease commitments - Group as lessor The Group has entered into commercial property leases on its property portfolio. The Group has determined, based on an evaluation of the terms and conditions of the arrangements, that it retains all the significant risks and rewards of ownership of these properties which are leased out on operating leases.