Items Sample Clauses

Items. All bid items are to be NEW and of most current production, unless otherwise specified.
Items. Moulds, models, tools, films etc, which were produced by Supplier for the purpose of performing the order shall, by means of payment, vest in Buyer, even when they remain in the possession of the Supplier. Upon request, these items have to be handed over to Buyer.
Items. The SelectQueryColumns class has a single property, defined as a collection of keys and values Dictionary<string, SelectQueryColumn> . The key is the string with the name of the added column. The value is an Terrasoft.Nui.ServiceModel.DataContract instance of the SelectQueryColumn class, defined in the properties of the SelectQueryColumn are available in the table. Properties
Items. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, all items of Fund income, gain, expense, loss, and deduction for a particular Fiscal Year and any other allocations not otherwise provided for shall be divided among the Shareholders in the same proportions as they share Profits or Losses, as the case may be, for such Fiscal Year.
Items. Each of the items set forth in Section 4.16 of the Seacoast Disclosure Letter shall have been completed and finalized prior to the Effective Time, all to the reasonable satisfaction of Seacoast.
Items. The Members recognize that with respect to property contributed to the Company by a Member and with respect to property revalued in accordance with Treasury Regulation ss. 1.704-1(b)(2)(iv)(f) (referred to as "Adjusted Properties"), there will be a difference between the agreed values or Carrying Values, as the case may be, of such property at the time of contribution or revaluation, as the case may be, and the adjusted tax basis of such property at that time. All items of tax depreciation, cost recovery, depletion, amortization and gain or loss with respect to such contributed properties and Adjusted Properties shall be allocated among the Members to take into account the book-tax disparities with respect to such properties in accordance with the provisions of sections 704(b) and 704(c) of the Code and Treasury Regulation ss. 1.704-3(b)(1). Any gain or loss attributable to a contributed property or an Adjusted Property (exclusive of gain or loss allocated to eliminate such book-tax disparities) shall be allocated in the same manner as such gain or loss would be allocated for book purposes under Article XII.
Items. The property must contain the key-value type collection. The key is a string containing the filter name, and Filter the value is an instance of the class that contains a direct implementation of the filter. To implement a filter that selects only those contacts that have a number of activities within a range of 1 to 3, you must add the following instance to the collection of filters: // Filtration by activity. { // Key. "FilterActivities", // Value. new Filter { // Filter type - range filter. FilterType = Terrasoft.Nui.ServiceModel.DataContract.FilterType.Between, // Comparison type - range. ComparisonType = FilterComparisonType.Between, // An expression to be tested. LeftExpression = new BaseExpression () { // Expression type - subquery. ExpressionType = EntitySchemaQueryExpressionType.SubQuery, // Path to the column relative to the root schema. ColumnPath = "[Activity: Contact] .Id", // Function type - aggregating. FunctionType = FunctionType.Aggregation, // Aggregation type - number. AggregationType = AggregationType.Count } // Filter range final expression. RightGreaterExpression = new BaseExpression () Example of the instance to the collection of filters { // Expression type - parameter. ExpressionType = EntitySchemaQueryExpressionType.Parameter, // Expression parameter. Parameter = new Parameter () { // Parameter data type - integer. DataValueType = DataValueType.Integer, // Parameter value. Value = 3 } } // Filter range initial expression. RightLessExpression = new BaseExpression () { ExpressionType = EntitySchemaQueryExpressionType.Parameter, Parameter = new Parameter () { DataValueType = DataValueType.Integer, Value = 1 } } } Add the following instance to the filter collection to filter contact records where the [ Full name ] column value begins with "H": // Filtering by name. { // Key. "FilterName", // Value. new Filter { // Filter type - comparison filter. FilterType = Terrasoft.Nui.ServiceModel.DataContract.FilterType.CompareFilter, // Comparison type - starts with an expression. ComparisonType = FilterComparisonType.StartWith, // Expression to be tested. LeftExpression = new BaseExpression () { // Expression type - schema column. ExpressionType = EntitySchemaQueryExpressionType.SchemaColumn, // Path to the column. Example of the instance to the filter collection ColumnPath = "Name" } // Filtration expression. RightExpression = new BaseExpression () { // Expression type - parameter. ExpressionType = EntitySchemaQueryExpressionType.Parameter, //...
Items. The term “Items” shall mean all cash payments, checks, drafts, or similar items of payment upon and/or proceeds of the Receivables and/or Automobile Inventory.
Items. Consignor states and agrees that the description(s) of the consigned property is true and correct to the best of Consignor’s knowledge and belief and further that no undisclosed defects in such consignment are known to Consignor.
Items. For any shipments of relevant items under the relevant international agreements (as described in Part 13 of the NS Regulations), companies should comply with both regulation 45(c) of the NS Regulations and any conditions included in the export licence for these items. This is likely to include a requirement for companies to provide a shipment notification to BEIS which contains the following information: