SCOPE OF THE CONTRACT. The Seller agrees to sell lead concentrate and the Buyer agrees to buy lead concentrate at the terms and conditions set out below:
SCOPE OF THE CONTRACT. 4.1 The Contractor shall perform the Services set out [in Schedule 1] [below2] in accordance with the Contract.
SCOPE OF THE CONTRACT. This Contract is solely between the Company and the Reinsurer. Performance of respective obligations of each party under this Contract shall be rendered solely to the other party, except as specifically and expressly provided for in the Insolvency Article. The provisions of this Contract are intended solely for the benefit of the parties to and executing this Contract, and nothing in this Contract shall in any manner create, or be construed to create, any obligations to or establish any rights against any party to this Contract in favor of any third parties or other persons not parties to and executing this Contract.
SCOPE OF THE CONTRACT. The Contractor shall perform the Services set out [in Schedule 1] [below2] in accordance with the Contract. [The Contractor’s key personnel assigned to perform the Services are: [provide a list] During the provision of the Services, if substitution of Contractor’s [key personnel] [experts] is necessary, the Contractor shall propose other experts or at least the same level of qualifications for approval by the Fund. [The Contractor shall obtain the Fund’s prior approval in writing before entering into a subcontract for engaging a subconsultant for the performance of any part of the Services.]
SCOPE OF THE CONTRACT. The scope of this contract is the issuance, upon the request and on the account of the Holder, of an card issued in XXX or foreign currencies for individuals and, as the case may be, of an additional card on the name of the Authorized User.
SCOPE OF THE CONTRACT. XXX agrees to sell, and Xxxxxxxxx agrees to buy the Products as described in the Order Confirmation in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract (Order Confirmation and this General Terms and Conditions).
SCOPE OF THE CONTRACT. The purpose of this Contract is the supply by the Company to BPDB of electric energy, under the terms and conditions provided herein on BOO basis. For this purpose, the Company will build, own & operate and maintain the Project, all at its own expense and responsibility in accordance with the provision of this Contract and within the technical limits and each of the Schedules that are part of this Contract.
SCOPE OF THE CONTRACT. The Contractor shall provide UNDP Somalia, as and when purchased through formal purchase order, with the goods as listed in Annex I, to this agreement at the prices stipulated herein. Goods as listed in the appendices are subject to specification changes as made necessary by changing business standards for computing equipment as a result of technological advances, for which the buyer will be advised two weeks in advance. Goods and products not listed in Annex I are not covered by the terms and conditions of this agreement. UNDP does not warrant that any quantity of Goods will be purchased during the terms of this Agreement. The Agreement does not accord any exclusivity to the Supplier with respect to the goods listed in Annex I.