Profits or Losses Sample Clauses

Profits or Losses. The net income or loss of the Company for federal income tax purposes as finally determined by the Company’s accountants for each fiscal year of the Company, as well as, where the context requires, related federal tax items such as tax preferences and credits, in each case appropriately adjusted with respect to final determination of any of the foregoing for federal income tax purposes.
Profits or Losses. The profits or losses of the Company for the 2 consecutive financial years ended on the Balance Sheet Date as shown by the Accounts and by the previous audited accounts of the Company delivered to the Purchaser have not (except as disclosed in those accounts) been affected by the inclusion of extraordinary, exceptional or non-recurring items of income or non-expenditure, by transactions entered into otherwise than on normal commercial terms or by any other factors rendering such profits or losses for any such periods exceptionally high or low.
Profits or Losses. SB and Qmed will share in any profits (i.e., revenues in excess of reimbursable expenses) or losses (i.e., reimbursable expenses in excess of revenues generated from the provision of the ohms|cad service under this Agreement) [CONFIDENTIAL]. While funds received from Customers will initially be distributed according to the priorities set forth in Section 8 below, at the expiration or termination of this Agreement, a reconciliation will be made between costs incurred by each party, the profits or losses allocable to each party, and the amount of distribution each party has received in order to assure that the funds received by a party out of the revenues received from Customers equals the total of that party's' reimbursable expenses plus or minus, as the case may be, its [CONFIDENTIAL] of such profit or loss.
Profits or Losses. Profits" or "Losses," as the case may be, for any period, means an amount equal to the Company's Taxable Income or Taxable Loss for such period, with the following adjustments:
Profits or Losses. Profits" or "Losses" means, for each fiscal year, an amount equal to the Company’s taxable income or loss for such fiscal year, determined in accordance with Section 703(a) of the Code (but including in taxable income or loss, for this purpose, all items of income, gain, loss or deduction required to be stated separately pursuant to Section 703(a)(1) of the Code), with the following adjustments:
Profits or Losses. Profits and Losses for each taxable year shall be allocated among the Partners and shall be credited or debited to the respective Capital Accounts so that, to the maximum extent possible, the balance of each Partner's Capital Account at the end of any taxable year (increased by the sum of such Partner's share of Partnership Minimum Gain and Partner Nonrecourse Debt Minimum Gain, as determined in accordance with Regulations Section 1.704-2) would be positive in the amount of cash that such Partner would receive if each member of the Bradley Group sold all of its property for an amount of cash equal to the Gross Asset Value of such property (reduced, but not below zero, by the amount of Nonrecourse Liabilities to which such property is subject) and all of the cash of the Partnership and each member of the Bradley Group remaining after payment of all liabilities (other than Nonrecourse Liabilities) of the Partnership and each member of the Bradley Group were distributed in liquidation of each such entity immediately following the end of such taxable year. For purposes of calculating the distribution that would be made to the Partners pursuant to the hypothetical liquidation described in the preceding sentence, (i) Section 15.2.C shall be applied as if such hypothetical liquidation occurred in connection with the liquidation of the Bradley Group (so that the hypothetical liquidating distribution to the Partners shall be calculated under Sections 8.4 and 8.5) and (ii) Section 8.4 shall be applied as if the Consolidated Distributed Cash for the taxable year ending with such hypothetical liquidation equaled the amount of cash that would be distributed to the holders of Common Stock and Units (other than Units held by the General Partner) in such hypothetical liquidation (without regard to the actual market price or fair market value of the Common Stock).
Profits or Losses. 9.1 The net operating income and net operating loss of the Joint Venture shall be allocated between and shared by the Joint Venturers in proportion to their percentage ownership interests in the Joint Venture.
Profits or Losses. 6 2.28 Treasury Regulations or Treasury Regulation................................6 ARTICLE III. .........................................................................7