Inventory Statement Sample Clauses

Inventory Statement. Within thirty (30) days of the date of expiration or the effective date of termination with respect to any or all Licensed Products or this Agreement, Publisher shall provide SCEA with an itemized statement, certified to be accurate by an officer of Publisher, specifying the number of unsold Units of the Licensed Products as to which such termination applies, on a title-by-title basis, which remain in its inventory and/or under its control at the time of expiration or the effective date of termination. SCEA shall be entitled to conduct at its expense a physical inspection of Publisher's inventory and work in process upon reasonable written notice during normal business hours in order to ascertain or verify such inventory and inventory statement.
Inventory Statement. Seller and Buyer shall have agreed upon and delivered the Inventory Statement described in Section 2.4 and Article 3 above, which shall detail the Closing Inventory and any additional Inventory.
Inventory Statement. If the request to exercise the purchase option is not made within the agreed time, as in case of termination of the Lease Agreement and this Agreement, the Lessor may have an inventory report drawn up by a recognized expert in this area, who it will choose to appoint. If the outcome of this inventory reveals that the Property is not in a good state of maintenance and operation, the Lessee will be required to restore or replace the equipment and materials that are in bad condition that are considered to be fixtures, and which are necessary for the normal operation of the Property. The Lessee shall, at its own expense, remove signs and exterior panels and refurbish what results from this removal.
Inventory Statement. Contractor shall maintain detailed records of property acquired for Petroleum Operations. On a Quarterly basis, Contractor shall provide Staatsolie with an Inventory Statement containing:
Inventory Statement. Prior to the Closing Date, the Sellers shall prepare and deliver, or cause to be prepared and delivered, to Buyer, a good faith estimate of the value of the Inventory as of the Effective Time, which amount shall not exceed $1,475,000 (such estimate, the “Estimated Inventory”). Within 45 days after the Closing Date, Buyer shall prepare and deliver, or cause to be prepared and delivered, to Sellers a statement (the “Inventory Statement”), setting forth the value of the Inventory as of the Effective Time, which amount shall not exceed $1.7 million (the “Final Inventory”).
Inventory Statement. The Closing Inventory Statement, as contemplated by Section 2.8(b).
Inventory Statement. The Inventory Statement, prepared and dated as of the Closing Date.
Inventory Statement. 2.5.1 Trademark Agreements
Inventory Statement. 9 Losses............................25
Inventory Statement. Within 30 days after the Closing Date, Purchaser shall cause to be prepared and delivered to Seller a statement (the “Inventory Statement”) calculating in reasonable detail the actual Closing Inventory Value in accordance with the Inventory Valuation Principles.