INSPECTION AT CONTRACTOR’S SITE. WCPSS reserves the right to inspect, at a reasonable time, the equipment/item, plant or other facilities of a prospective contractor prior to contract award, and during the contract term as necessary for WCPSS determination that such equipment/item, plant or other facilities conform with the specifications/requirements and are adequate and suitable for the proper and effective performance of the contract.


  • Contractor’s Records The Contractor shall keep true and accurate accounts, records, books and data which shall correctly reflect the business transacted by the Contractor in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. These records shall be stored in Orange County for a period of three (3) years after final payment is received from the County. Storage of records in another county will require written approval from the County of Orange assigned Deputy Purchasing Agent.

  • Contractor’s Equipment Payment for required equipment owned by the Design Builder or an affiliate of the Design-Builder will be based solely on an hourly rate derived by dividing the current appropriate monthly rate by 176 hours. No payment will be made under any circumstances for repair costs, freight and transportation charges, fuel, lubricants, insurance, any other costs and expenses, or overhead and profit. Payment for such equipment made idle by delays attributable to the Government will be based on one-half the derived hourly rate under this subsection.

  • Contractors No contract of any kind with any supplier of towels, water, toilet articles, waxing, rug shampooing, venetian blind washing, furniture polishing, lamp servicing, cleaning of electrical fixtures, removal of waste paper, rubbish, garbage, or other like service shall be entered into by Lessee, nor shall any machine of any kind be installed in the Building or the Office Building Area without the prior written consent of the Lessor. Lessee shall not employ any persons other than Lessor's janitors for the purpose of cleaning the Premises without prior written consent of Lessor. Lessor shall not be responsible to Lessee for any loss of property from the Premises however occurring, or for any damage to the effects of Lessee by such janitors or any of its employees, or by any other person or any other cause.