Incentive Distribution Rights Sample Clauses

Incentive Distribution Rights. 2. Section 1.1 of the Partnership Agreement is hereby further amended to amend and restate the final sentence to the definition ofCommon Unit” as follows:
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Incentive Distribution Rights. (b) Section 1.1 of the Partnership Agreement is hereby further amended to delete the final sentence of the definition of “Common Unit” and replace it with the following: The term “Common Unit” does not refer to a Class C Common Unit, a Class D Common Unit or a Class E Common Unit prior to its conversion into a Common Unit pursuant to the terms hereof.
Incentive Distribution Rights the right to receive Incentive Distributions (as defined in the MLP Agreement). Indemnitee – Section 6.06(a).
Incentive Distribution Rights. On the Initial Closing Date, for services rendered or to be rendered to or for the benefit of the Partnership, the General Partner and Holdings will each be issued 50% of the Incentive Distribution Rights. The termination of the Management Agreement shall not forfeit, cancel or otherwise affect the Incentive Distribution Rights issued to either Holdings or the General Partner, except that in the event the Management Agreement is terminated by AECP Operating Company, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Partnership, by its delivery of a termination notice to the Manager within 15 business days following (A) the determination by a court that the Manager has defrauded the Partnership or AECP Operating Company, LLC or stolen or misappropriated any of the assets or funds of AECP Operating Company, LLC and (B) such circumstances have not been cured or remedied (which may include a cash payment) by the Manager within 30 days following such judicial determination (pursuant to Section 10.2(b)(iv) of the Management Agreement), Holdings shall forfeit all Limited Partner Interests, Incentive Distribution Rights and Incentive Performance Distributions it holds as of the date of such termination of the Management Agreement. At all times, including at the time the Incentive Distribution Payment is paid to the General Partner or the Common Units are listed on a national securities exchange, the General Partner shall be charged with its percentage of the Partnership’s Direct Costs and Administrative Costs in proportion to its share of revenues.
Incentive Distribution Rights. The Incentive Distribution Rights of CLMT issued by CLMT to the General Partner and outstanding immediately prior to the CLMT Merger Effective Time shall remain as outstanding equity interests in the Surviving CLMT held by the General Partner immediately following the CLMT Merger Effective Time.
Incentive Distribution Rights b. Section 1.1 of the Partnership Agreement shall be amended to delete the following definitions in their entirety:
Incentive Distribution Rights. The following table illustrates the percentage allocations of available cash from operating surplus between the common and subordinated unitholders and the general partner based on the specified target distribution levels. The amounts set forth under “Marginal percentage interest in distributions” are the percentage interests of the general partner and common and subordinated unitholders in any available cash from operating surplus the Partnership distributes up to and including the corresponding amount in the column “Total quarterly distribution per unit target amount.” The percentage interests shown for its common and subordinated unitholders and the general partner for the minimum quarterly distribution are also applicable to quarterly distribution amounts that are less than the minimum quarterly distribution. The percentage interests set forth below for the general partner include its two percent general partner interest and assume that the general partner has contributed any additional capital necessary to maintain its two percent general partner interest, the general partner has not transferred its incentive distribution rights and that there are no arrearages on common units. Marginal percentage interestin distributions Total quarterly distributionper unit target amount Unitholders General Partner Minimum quarterly distribution $ 0.2625 98.0 % 2.0 % First target distribution above $0.2625 up to $0.301875 98.0 % 2.0 % Second target distribution above $0.301875 up to $0.328125 85.0 % 15.0 % Third target distribution above $0.328125 up to $0.393750 75.0 % 25.0 % Thereafter above $0.393750 50.0 % 50.0 % Net Income Allocation - In preparing the Consolidated Statements of Equity, net income attributable to MPLX LP is allocated to the unitholders in accordance with their respective ownership percentages. However, when distributions related to the incentive distribution rights are made, earnings equal to the amount of those distributions are first allocated to the general partner before the remaining earnings are allocated to the unitholders based on their respective ownership percentages. The following table presents the allocation of the general partner’s interest in net income attributable to MPLX LP: (In millions) 2015 2014 2013 Net income attributable to MPLX LP $ 156 $ 121 $ 78 Less: General partner's incentive distribution rights and other 55 4 — Net income attributable to MPLX LP available to general and limited partners $ 101 $ 117 $ 78 General par...
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Incentive Distribution Rights. B. The "
Incentive Distribution Rights. As of the date hereof, pursuant to the Contribution and Simplification Agreement, the Incentive Distribution Rights held by the General Partner will be converted into Common Units. From the date hereof, effective immediately following the aforementioned transactions, the Incentive Distribution Rights shall no longer exist.
Incentive Distribution Rights. 9 3.9. Class A Subordinated Units and Class B Subordinated Units..9 3.10.
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