XXXX Sample Clauses

XXXX. Publisher shall not authorize its Authorized Replicators to begin production until such time as XXXX . Depending upon Publisher’s credit worthiness, Microsoft may, but is not obligated to, offer Publisher credit terms for the payment of royalties due under this Agreement within XXXX of receipt of invoice. All payments will be made by wire transfer only, in accordance with the payment instructions set forth in the Xbox 360 Publisher Guide.
XXXX. The Bank Guarantee for Quality and Timely Execution of the IC should be prepared in complete compliance with the submitted appendix of the respective RFB which is the basis for conclusion of this IC. Amendments to the appendix by the Seller without prior approval of the US shall not be considered valid. The Bank Guarantee for Quality and Timely Execution of the IC shall be submitted within 7 business days from IC conclusion. If the Seller fails to submit the Bank Guarantee for Quality and Timely Execution of the IC within the set- out deadline, the Buyer shall terminate the IC and activate/collect the guarantee, i.e. retain the deposit submitted as bid security. All expenses/commissions incurred in relation to the submission of the bank guarantees for quality and timely execution of the IC shall be covered by the Seller. The Bank Guarantee for Quality and Timely Execution of the IC shall be returned to the Seller on the day after its expiry date. The Bank Guarantee for Quality and Timely Execution of the IC may be activated by the Seller in the event of non- fulfillment of the obligations pertaining to this IC and the concluded FC. Buyer shall secure a Parental Company Guarantee from EVN Makedonija AD, Skopje in the amount of EUR XXX.XXX and submit it at the time of IC conclusion.
XXXX. On this day the permission to use expires. Any further use after the agreed last day of permissible use shall represent a violation of the right of use.
XXXX. For purposes of this Section, Bank acknowledges and agrees that, with respect to its chargeback rights under Sections 9(a)(ix) and 9(a)(x) in connection with any Account application the information for which was provided over the telephone or through the Internet, so long as Retailer followed any applicable Operating Procedures with respect to the completion of such application, Bank's chargeback rights shall be subject to the Uncontrollable Fraud provisions of this Section notwithstanding that Retailer cannot provide to Bank a copy of such application. [Portions of this Section have been omitted pursuant to a request for confidentiality under Rule 24b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. The confidential portions of this Section that have been omitted are marked with “XXXX”. A copy of this Exhibit with all sections intact has been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission.]
XXXX. This CMAR Agreement is made and executed in five originals between the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, hereafter designated as "CPRA,” and , hereafter designated as the "CMAR Contractor." CPRA did advertise for, receive, and accept a Proposal from the CMAR Contractor for work on a CPRA CMAR project identified as the Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion Project, CPRA Project No. BA-0153. The CMAR Contractor's submission is evidenced by a copy of the Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) incorporated herein as part of the Contract Documents defined hereafter. In consideration of the agreements herein contained, to be performed by the parties hereto and of the payments hereafter agreed to be made, it is mutually agreed by both parties that:
XXXX. 4) a final report covering the whole duration of the action, accompanied by a summary financial statement (forms to use specified in Annexes V and VI) must be submitted no later than 60 calendar days after the end date of the action set out in Article I.2.
XXXX. 3.3 The results of the Research, including the Research Report and an interactive website, will be handed over in an electronic form on a CD, or in a manner making distant access possible.

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Uptime Ricoh will service the Equipment provided under an Order to be operational with a quarterly uptime average of 95% (based on manufacturer’s performance standards and an 8-hour day, during Normal Business Hours), excluding preventative and interim maintenance time. Downtime will begin at the time Customer places a service call to Ricoh. Customer agrees to make the Equipment available to Ricoh for scheduled preventative and interim maintenance. Customer further agrees to give Ricoh advance notice of any critical and specific uptime needs Customer may have so that Ricoh can schedule with Customer interim and preventative maintenance in advance of such needs.
Year 2000 Compatibility Take all actions reasonably necessary to assure that Borrower's computer based systems are able to operate and effectively process data which includes dates on and after January 1, 2000. At the request of the Administrative Agent, the Borrower shall provide reasonable assurances satisfactory to the Administrative Agent of the Borrower's Year 2000 compatibility.
Customer Service It is the sole responsibility of MP to provide customer service to persons or entities purchasing Services through the ICQ Network ("Customers"). MP will bear full responsibility for all customer service, including without limitation, order processing, billing, fulfillment, shipment, collection and other customer service associated with any Services offered, sold or licensed through the MP Areas, and ICQ will have no obligations whatsoever with respect thereto. MP will receive all emails from Customers via a computer available to MP's customer service staff and generally respond to such emails within three (3) days from receipt. MP will receive all orders electronically and generally process all orders within three (3) days from receipt, provided Services ordered are not advance order items. MP will use commercially reasonable efforts to receive, process, fulfill and deliver all orders of Services on a timely and professional basis. MP will offer ICQ Users who purchase Services through such MP Areas a money back satisfaction guarantee, to the same extent offered by MP generally MP will bear all responsibility for compliance with federal, state and local laws in the event that Services are out of stock or are no longer available at the time an order is received. MP will also comply with the requirements of any federal, state or local consumer protection or disclosure law. Payment for Services will be collected by MP directly from customers.
Sales Material The Company will deliver to Ameriprise from time to time, all advertising and supplemental sales material (whether designated solely for broker-dealer use or otherwise) proposed to be used or delivered in connection with the Offering, prior to the use or delivery to third parties of such material, and will not so use or deliver, in connection with the Offering, any such material to Ameriprise’s customers or registered representatives without Ameriprise’s prior written consent, which consent, in the case of material required by law, rule or regulation of any regulatory body including FINRA to be delivered, shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. The Company shall ensure that all advertising and supplemental sales literature used by Ameriprise will have received all required regulatory approval, which may include but is not limited to, the Commission, FINRA and state securities agencies, as applicable, prior to use by Ameriprise. For the avoidance of doubt, ordinary course communications with the Company’s stockholders, including without limitation, the delivery of annual and quarterly reports and financial information, dividend notices, reports of net asset value and information regarding the tax treatment of distributions and similar matters shall not be considered advertising and supplemental sales material, unless the context otherwise requires.
Sales Milestone Payments Artiva shall make the following one-time, non-refundable and non-creditable sales milestone payments to GCLC when the aggregate annual Net Sales of Products in the Territory first reach the thresholds specified below. Artiva shall notify GCLC promptly of the achievement of each such sales threshold. Each sales milestone payment shall be made by Artiva within [***] days after the end of the calendar quarter in which such sales threshold is achieved. To the extent more than one sales threshold is reached in any given calendar year, then the applicable milestone payment for each such achievement shall be due and owing with respect to such calendar year. For clarification, the total milestone payments payable hereunder if all milestone events are achieved is [***].
Net Sales The term “
Sales Milestones ImmunoGen shall pay to CytomX the following one-time payments (each, a “Sales Milestone Payment”) when aggregate Annual Net Sales of a Licensed Product in the Territory in a Calendar Year first reach the respective threshold (a “Sales Threshold”) indicated below (each, a “Sales Milestone”): Total Annual Net Sales Sales Milestone Payment Total Annual Net Sales at least equal [***] [***] Total Annual Net Sales at least equal [***] [***] Total Annual Net Sales at least equal [***] [***] Total Annual Net Sales at least equal [***] [***] ***Certain information contained herein has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions. Any Sales Milestone Payment with respect to any Calendar Year shall be payable within [***] of the end of such Calendar Year in the United States. Each Sales Milestone Payment is payable a maximum of one time only, regardless of the number of times a Licensed Product achieves a particular Sales Threshold or the number of Licensed Products that achieve a particular Sales Threshold. All Sales Milestone Payments shall be nonrefundable and noncreditable.
Recipient Products Updated Project Schedule (if applicable) • Updated List of Match Funds (if applicable) • Updated List of Permits (if applicable) CAM Product: • Kick-off Meeting Agenda
Sales, Etc of Assets. Sell, lease, transfer or otherwise dispose of, or permit any of its Subsidiaries to sell, lease, transfer or otherwise dispose of, any assets, or grant any option or other right to purchase, lease or otherwise acquire any assets, except:
SALES MATERIALS 4.1 LIFE COMPANY will furnish, or will cause to be furnished, to TRUST and ADVISER, each piece of sales literature or other promotional material in which TRUST or ADVISER is named, at least ten (10) Business Days prior to its intended use. No such material will be used if TRUST or ADVISER objects to its use in writing within seven (7) Business Days after receipt of such material.