Implementation Date Sample Clauses

Implementation Date. The target implementation date of the Recapitalization will be February 29, 2008, subject to approval of the Plan by the Court and any regulatory matters (the date on which the Plan is implemented being the "Implementation Date").
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Implementation Date. RMH agrees to have all necessary -------------------- preparation measures completed on or before March 26, 2001 or a later date if agreed upon by the Parties (the "Implementation Date"), including, but not limited to, its facilities, staffing and training, necessary to implement the Services.
Implementation Date. This Agreement shall be implemented only upon Planning Attorney’s death, disability, incapacity or other inability to act, as established by paragraph 3. The appointment and authority of Practice Administrator shall thereafter remain in full force and effect as long as it is necessary or convenient to carry out the terms of this Agreement, or unless sooner terminated under paragraphs 9 or 11.
Implementation Date. The terms of this Agreement shall be implemented commencing upon a date agreed to by the Department and the Tribe following receipt by the Department of certification by the Tribe’s legal counsel that the Tribe has taken all necessary steps to bind Tribal Members and Tribal Entities to the terms of this Agreement.
Implementation Date. For each UPA Department, this means the date that RM Services are implemented for that UPA Department as agreed to pursuant to the Implementation Plan. (See Exhibit E.)
Implementation Date. Shift Digital agrees to have all necessary preparation measures completed on or before the Implementation Date, including, but not limited to, staffing and training necessary to implement the Concierge Services.
Implementation Date. The "Implementation Date" means July 9, 2001.
Implementation Date. All deductions regarding such employees whether voluntary or involuntary shall all be implemented no later than ninety (90) days following the effective date of this Agency Shop Agreement.
Implementation Date. Any provision of this Agreement which is silent as to the