Illustrations Sample Clauses

Illustrations. The provisions of subdivision (ii) of this subparagraph may be illustrated by the following ex- amples:
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Illustrations. Upon request, We will provide You with an illustration of future Account Value and Death Benefits. This illustration will be furnished to You for a nominal fee not to exceed $25.
Illustrations. Without limitation, but by way of illustration, the exclusive prerogatives, functions and rights of County shall include the following:
Illustrations. 1. A probationary employee whose 90th day of employment falls on a holiday, or Saturday, or Sunday and fails to report for work within five (5) consecutive normal working days following the holiday, or Saturday, or Sunday. The employee is considered a probationary employee as of the last day worked.
Illustrations. A. An employee continuously serves three (3) years, five (5) months, and two
Illustrations. All Illustrations attached to the Exhibits are for illustrative purposes only and shall not be deemed to bind, obligate or restrict either party from making reasonable changes in such party's discretion.
Illustrations. Attached as Exhibit G are illustrative examples of the parties' intent regarding the calculation of the indemnity obligations described in this Section 10.9.
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Illustrations. The following illustrations are intended to provide guidance concerning how this Section 2.5 is intended to apply to claims implicating insurance policies issued prior to the Distribution Date.
Illustrations. Tables, figures, graphs, etc. must be numbered. Numeration can be consecutive (Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, etc.) or can be double numbers according to the placement of illustrations within specific chapters. For example, Table 5.1 would be the first table in chapter five of your thesis. High-quality photocopies of photographs are preferred to actual photographs. However, you may affix original photographs in printed copies of the thesis using paper cement. Photographs should be mounted on the same cotton bond paper used throughout the thesis. All illustrations, including mounted photographs, must fit into the prescribed margins. Checklist
Illustrations. Any illustrations given by the Company are given as an aid to identification only and it is not intended that such illustrations are a condition of the terms of sale or hireage nor does the Company warrant that the goods will correspond with the illustration.
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