Grand Junction Sample Clauses

Grand Junction. Texas Roadhouse of Grand Junction, LLC ("GRAND JUNCTION") and Grand Junction Merger Subsidiary LLC, a wholly-owned Kentucky limited liability company subsidiary of Property, shall merge, with Grand Junction being the surviving limited liability company in the merger. The holders of membership interests of Grand Junction other than Holdings shall receive shares of Class A Common Stock in the merger. As a result of the merger, Grand Junction shall become a wholly-owned limited liability company subsidiary of Property. Grand Junction and the Company acknowledge and agree that the merger shall constitute a part of the Roadhouse Exchange under IRC Section 351.
Grand Junction. One (1) extra board to protect Grand Junction-Denver, Grand Junction-Bond and Grand Junction-Minturn pool(s), Grand Junction yard, road switcher, local and work train assignments and other extra board work originating within these territories. Since the extra board at Grand Junction is at a point joining two hubs, it may protect work up to but not including Helper, Utah.

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  • XXX Hosting 10.1 XXX Hosting is not required for resale in the BellSouth region.

  • Remote Access Access to and use of the Data over the State Governmental Network (SGN) or Secure Access Washington (SAW) will be controlled by DSHS staff who will issue authentication credentials (e.g. a Unique User ID and Hardened Password) to Authorized Users on Contractor’s staff. Contractor will notify DSHS staff immediately whenever an Authorized User in possession of such credentials is terminated or otherwise leaves the employ of the Contractor, and whenever an Authorized User’s duties change such that the Authorized User no longer requires access to perform work for this Contract.

  • Closure Area Calculation Sheet – A computer generated print-out of the area and the perimeter bearings, distances, curve data, and coordinates of an individual parcel of land to be acquired.

  • County of Orange Child Support Enforcement Subrecipient certifies it is in full compliance with all applicable federal and state reporting requirements regarding its employees and with all lawfully served Wage and Earnings Assignment Orders and Notices of Assignments and will continue to be in compliance throughout the term of the Contract with the County of Orange. Failure to comply shall constitute a material breach of the Contract and failure to cure such breach within 60 calendar days of notice from the County shall constitute grounds for termination of the Contract.

  • E6 Publicity, Media and Official Enquiries E6.1 The Contractor shall not:

  • Publicity, Media and Official Enquiries 16.1 Without prejudice to the Authority’s obligations under the Information Legislation, neither Party shall make any press announcements or publicise the Contract or any part thereof in any way, except with the written consent of the other Party.

  • Dark Fiber Transport Dark Fiber Transport is defined as Dedicated Transport that consists of unactivated optical interoffice transmission facilities without attached signal regeneration, multiplexing, aggregation or other electronics. Except as set forth in Section 6.9.1 below, BellSouth shall not be required to provide access to Dark Fiber Transport Entrance Facilities pursuant to this Agreement.

  • S&P Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, a division of The XxXxxx-Xxxx Companies, Inc., or its successor.

  • Orlando, FL; Ft Lauderdale, FL; Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC; Greensboro-Winston Salem-High Point, NC; Nashville, TN; and New Orleans, LA, MSAs regardless of whether or not such EELs are Currently Combined. Except as stated above, EELs will be provided to <<customer_name>> only to the extent such network elements are Currently Combined.

  • Application of Takeover Protections; Rights Agreement The Company and its board of directors have taken all necessary action, if any, in order to render inapplicable any control share acquisition, business combination, poison pill (including any distribution under a rights agreement) or other similar anti-takeover provision under the Certificate of Incorporation or the laws of the jurisdiction of its formation which is or could become applicable to any Buyer as a result of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, including, without limitation, the Company’s issuance of the Securities and any Buyer’s ownership of the Securities. The Company has not adopted a stockholder rights plan or similar arrangement relating to accumulations of beneficial ownership of Common Stock or a change in control of the Company.