Meal Allowances and Eating En Route Sample Clauses

Meal Allowances and Eating En Route. Meal allowances and eating en route will be governed by Sections 2(d) and 2(e) of Article IX of the May 19, 1986 National Arbitration Award (BLE) as amended by the November 7, 1991, Implementing Agreement.
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Related to Meal Allowances and Eating En Route

  • Interest Subsidy and Special Allowance Payments and Rebate Fees The Seller shall be entitled to all Interest Subsidy Payments and Special Allowance Payments on each Additional Loan or Substituted Loan accruing up to but not including the related Subsequent Cutoff Date and shall be responsible for the payment of any rebate fees applicable to such Purchased Loans subject to the related Xxxx of Sale accruing up to but not including the related Subsequent Cutoff Date. The Purchaser and the Eligible Lender Trustee on behalf of the Purchaser shall be entitled to all Special Allowance Payments and Interest Subsidy Payments accruing from the related Subsequent Cutoff Date with respect to the Additional Loans or Substituted Loans, and shall be responsible for the payment of any rebate fees applicable to the Additional Loans accruing from the date of the related Subsequent Cutoff Date.

  • Meal Allowances Employees assigned to be in travel status between the employee's temporary or permanent work station and a field assignment shall be reimbursed for the actual cost of meals including a reasonable gratuity. Employees must meet the following conditions to be eligible for meal reimbursement:

  • Special Allowances, i e., Moving, Travel, Isolation, One Room School, Rural, Outer Island, Village Assignment, Pro-D Travel Allowance, etc.

  • Meal Allowance A shift worker who works a qualifying shift of eight hours or the rostered shift, whichever is the greater, and who is required to work more than one hour beyond the end of the shift (excluding any break for a meal) shall be paid a meal allowance of $7.95, or, at the option of the employer, be provided with a meal.

  • Special Allowances (i) (a) A registered nurse/midwife in charge during the day, evening or night of a hospital having a daily average of occupied beds of less than 100 shall be paid, in addition to the employee’s appropriate salary, whilst so in charge, the sum set out in Item 1 of Table 2 - Other Rates and Allowances, of Part B Monetary Rates, per shift.

  • Overtime Meal Allowance ‌ An employee who works two and one-half hours of overtime immediately before or following his/her scheduled hours of work shall receive a meal allowance of seven dollars. One-half hour with pay shall be allowed the employee in order that he/she may take a meal break either at or adjacent to his/her place of work.

  • LEASE TYPE This Agreement shall be considered a: (check one) ☐ - Fixed Lease. The Tenant shall be allowed to occupy the Premises starting on , 20 and end on , 20 (“Lease Term”). At the end of the Lease Term and no renewal is made, the Tenant: (check one) ☐ - May continue to lease the Premises under the same terms of this Agreement under a month-to-month arrangement. ☐ - Must vacate the Premises.

  • Uniform Maintenance Allowance 22.1 The City provides uniforms or uniform allowance for employees represented by the Association. The City will continue to replace, repair and maintain uniforms worn in the line of duty. The average cost of the uniforms/uniform allowances are reported as special compensation (for those employees defined as “classic employees” by the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013 for retirement calculation purposes and is currently reported as $17 per pay period.

  • Parental Allowance (a) An employee who has been granted parental leave without pay, shall be paid a parental allowance in accordance with the terms of the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) Plan described in paragraphs (c) to (i), providing he or she:

  • Lease Payments No Borrower will, or will permit any Subsidiary to, directly or indirectly, incur or assume (whether pursuant to a Guarantee or otherwise) any liability for rental payments except in the Ordinary Course of Business.

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