GOODS TO BE SUPPLIED. The characteristics of the goods to be supplied within the scope of this framework agreement are detailed in section 15 of these specifications.
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GOODS TO BE SUPPLIED. 1.1 [Set out a brief summary of the Goods or cross-refer to Specification if easier].
GOODS TO BE SUPPLIED. 2.1 The delivery of the equipment ("Equipment") includes all components, materials and services expressly specified in the Agreement.
GOODS TO BE SUPPLIED. 4.1 The Goods must be provided by the Supplier to MPM Pty Ltd in strict accordance with the terms of this Purchase Order.
GOODS TO BE SUPPLIED. As described above, these products shall be supplied in accordance with one of two broad scenarios, as selected by RailCorp. These scenarios are described in the sections following.
GOODS TO BE SUPPLIED. [Set out a brief summary of the Goods or cross-refer to Specification if easier]. SCOPE OF SERVICES [Set out a brief summary of the Services or cross-refer to Specification if easier]. Out of Scope Services [Explicitly state what exactly is out of scope where applicable.] Key Personnel The following are the Key Personnel engaged: [List names] Deliverables, Milestones and Acceptance Criteria [List or cross-refer to project plan/ timetable if easier.] Service Levels & Service Credits [Specify any applicable Service Levels required for the on-going delivery of the Services (and not already specified in the Contract or Specification. This should include any specific KPIs or SLAs that are not covered in the Agreement and which are specific to this engagement.] Documentation [Specify any particular documentation (in addition to the actual Deliverables) which the Contractor will be expected to produce during the course of providing the Services] Dependencies [List, if any.] Assumptions [If assumptions are to be listed, it is preferable to expressly specify what the consequences of the assumptions NOT being met will be, and how any adverse impacts will be mitigated] Approved Sub-Contractors [List, if any] CHARGES [Specify costs or cross-refer to Pricing Matrix if easier] The table below sets out the Milestones against which the Contractor shall be entitled to raise an invoice once the relevant Milestone has been achieved. Milestone Milestone Start Date Milestone Due Date Payment % of Total LIQUIDATED DAMAGES [Specify any applicable liquidated damages usually by reference to weekly or part-weekly amount] TERM The Services shall commence on [day / month / year] and be completed/expire on [day / month / year] which may be extended by the Purchaser at its discretion unless terminated earlier as permitted by the Agreement. [Include any specific break provisions/options to extend, if relevant, and any particular rights of termination specific to the Goods or Services] SCHEDULE 5 – ICT SPECIFIC PROVISIONS OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENTAL TERMS FOR ICT GOODS AND SERVICES Application This Section applies when the Contract is wholly or mainly for the provision of information and communication technology goods and services.


  • Records to be kept 8.1 The Recipient must:

  • QUANTITY TO BE PURCHASED It is understood and agreed that the Contractor is entering into this Agreement as a multiple source of supply without any guarantee from the State as to the quantity of the items covered by this Contract that might be ordered during the specified period.

  • Group Meals to be Provided A. During the Program, the Contractor shall provide specified Group Meals, as requested by the Judicial Council, to be charged to the Master Account. Table 1, below, is provided to reflect anticipated Group Meals only and does not constitute a firm commitment. Prior to the Program, the Judicial Council will provide one (1) or more BEO’s to the Contractor setting forth the final detail on these items. Table 1: Date Anticipated Group Meals Maximum Per Attendee Estimated Attendance Estimated Cost Date3 Breakfast $25.00 118 AM Coffee Service $8.00 118 Lunch $40.00 118 Date4 Breakfast $25.00 118 AM Coffee Service $8.00 118 Total Estimated Charges: $@@@.@@

  • Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale Packaging materials and containers in which a good is packaged for retail sale shall, if classified with the good, be disregarded in determining whether all the non-originating materials used in the production of the good undergo the applicable change in tariff classification set out in Annex 4, and, if the good is subject to a regional value-content requirement, the value of such packaging materials and containers shall be taken into account as originating or non-originating materials, as the case may be, in calculating the regional value content of the good.

  • Payments to be made The NA must make the following payments to the coordinator: - a first pre-financing payment; - [NA to select if a further pre-financing payment is foreseen] (a) further pre-financing payment(s), on the basis of the request for further pre-financing payment referred to in Article I.4.3; - one payment of the balance, on the basis of the request for payment of the balance referred to in Article I.4.4.

  • AREA TO BE SERVED [SEE G.L.c. 166A §3(a)]

  • Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment Packing materials and containers in which a good is packed for shipment shall be disregarded in determining whether:

  • Records to be Maintained The Subrecipient shall maintain all records required by the Federal regulations specified in 24 CFR 570.506 that are pertinent to the activities to be funded under this Agreement. Such records shall include but not be limited to:

  • Replacements to be numbered Each replacement Temporary Global Note, Permanent Global Note, Definitive Note, Coupon, Global Registered Note or Individual Note Certificate delivered hereunder shall bear a unique certificate or (as the case may be) serial number.

  • Sleeping Rooms to be Blocked A. The Contractor shall block sleeping rooms as set forth in Table 1, below. Table 1: Dates Single Occupancy Total by Date Date1 60 60 Date4 60 60 Date 5 Check Out Check Out Total Rooms to be Blocked: 240 240

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