Fund Established Sample Clauses

Fund Established. The City and County will establish a separate fund or account (“SODO Transportation Infrastructure Fund”) to be managed in the sole discretion of the City and County, considering input from stakeholders affected by the Project, and used to fund transportation improvements in the area South of downtown Seattle. The SODO Transportation Infrastructure Fund will give first priority to projects protecting the operations of the Port of Seattle and improving freight mobility, and then to projects that improve pedestrian safety, enhance transit service and connectivity, and overall traffic management in the SODO area. The City and County will seek other public and private partners and funding for the purposes of advancing the objectives of the SODO Transportation Infrastructure Fund, including but not limited to the Port of Seattle, the operators of Safeco Field and CenturyLink Field, and federal and state governments. The SODO Transportation Infrastructure Fund will be used to fund system improvements to the transportation network in the SODO area, including the area within which the Project Site is located, but will not be utilized to fund any Project-specific transportation infrastructure mitigation required through the permitting and SEPA process for the Project. Further details related to the oversight and governance structure of the SODO Transportation Infrastructure Fund shall be delineated by future City ordinance.
Fund Established. A Fund is hereby established by Company. The Fund shall be held by Trustee in Trust and dealt with in accordance with the provisions of this Trust Agreement. This Trust Agreement is intended to create a trust which is a grantor trust within the meaning of section 671 of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended, and shall be construed accordingly. The principal of the Trust, and any earnings thereon shall be held separate and apart from other funds of the Company and shall be used exclusively for the uses and purposes of Plan Participants and general creditors as herein set forth. Plan Participants and their Beneficiaries shall have no preferred claim on, or any beneficial ownership interest in, any assets of the Trust. Any rights created under the Plan and this Trust Agreement shall be mere unsecured contractual rights of Plan Participants and their Beneficiaries against Company. Any assets held by the Trust will be subject to the claims of Company's general creditors under federal and state law in the event of Insolvency.

Related to Fund Established

  • FUND ELECTIONS Each Fund (or its Investment Advisor acting on its behalf) may elect to enter into and execute foreign exchange transactions with third parties that are not affiliated with the Custodian, with State Street Global Markets, which is the foreign exchange division of State Street Bank and Trust Company and its affiliated companies (“SSGM”), or with a sub-custodian. Where the Fund or its Investment Advisor gives Proper Instructions for the execution of a foreign exchange transaction using an indirect foreign exchange service described in the Client Publications, the Fund (or its Investment Advisor) instructs the Custodian, on behalf of the Fund, to direct the execution of such foreign exchange transaction to SSGM or, when the relevant currency is not traded by SSGM, to the applicable sub-custodian. The Custodian shall not have any agency (except as contemplated in preceding sentence), trust or fiduciary obligation to the Fund, its Investment Advisor or any other person in connection with the execution of any foreign exchange transaction. The Custodian shall have no responsibility under this Agreement for the selection of the counterparty to, or the method of execution of, any foreign exchange transaction entered into by the Fund (or its Investment Advisor acting on its behalf) or the reasonableness of the execution rate on any such transaction.

  • Pre-Funding Account On the Closing Date, the Depositor shall deposit in the Pre-Funding Account $0.00 (the “Pre-Funding Account Initial Deposit”) from the net proceeds of the sale of the Notes. On each Subsequent Transfer Date, if any, upon satisfaction of the conditions set forth in Section 2.03(b) with respect to such transfer, the Servicer shall instruct the Indenture Trustee to withdraw from the Pre-Funding Account (i) an amount equal to [RESERVED]% of the result of the aggregate Starting Principal Balance of the Subsequent Receivables transferred to the Trust on such Subsequent Transfer Date less the Yield Supplement Overcollateralization Amount with respect to such Subsequent Receivables as of the related Cutoff Date and (ii), on behalf of the Depositor, deposit into the Reserve Account a portion of such funds equal to the Reserve Account Subsequent Transfer Deposit with respect to such Subsequent Transfer Date and distribute the remainder to or upon the order of the Depositor as payment for such Subsequent Receivables. If the Pre-Funded Amount has not been reduced to zero on the Payment Date immediately following the calendar month in which the Funding Period, if any, ends, the Servicer shall instruct the Indenture Trustee to transfer from the Pre-Funding Account on such Payment Date any amount then remaining in the Pre-Funding Account to the Note Distribution Account for distribution in accordance with Section 8.02(g) of the Indenture.

  • Custodial Accounts; Distribution Account (a) On or prior to the Closing Date, the Master Servicer shall have caused each Servicer to establish and maintain one or more Custodial Accounts, as provided in the related Purchase and Servicing Agreement, into which all Scheduled Payments and unscheduled payments with respect to the related Mortgage Loans, net of any deductions or reimbursements permitted under the related Purchase and Servicing Agreement, shall be deposited. On each Distribution Account Deposit Date, the Servicers shall remit to the Securities Administrator for deposit into the Distribution Account, all amounts so required to be deposited into such account in accordance with the terms of the related Purchase and Servicing Agreements.

  • Funding Account The Administrative Agent shall have received a notice setting forth the deposit account of the Borrower (the “Funding Account”) to which the Administrative Agent is authorized by the Borrower to transfer the proceeds of any Borrowings requested or authorized pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Establishment of the Trust The Depositor does hereby establish, pursuant to the further provisions of this Agreement and the laws of the State of New York, an express trust to be known, for convenience, as “Deutsche Alt-A Securities, Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2006-AR2” and does hereby appoint HSBC Bank USA, National Association as Trustee in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

  • Prefunding Account The separate Eligible Account created and maintained by the Trustee pursuant to Section 3.06(g) in the name of the Trustee for the benefit of the Certificateholders and designated “U.S. Bank National Association, in trust for registered holders of Home Equity Asset Trust 2005-7, Home Equity Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2005-7. Funds in the Prefunding Account shall be held in trust for the Certificateholders for the uses and purposes set forth in this Agreement and shall not be a part of any REMIC created hereunder; provided, however, that any investment income earned from Eligible Investments made with funds in the Prefunding Account shall be for the account of the Depositor.

  • The Investment Account; Eligible Investments (a) Not later than the Withdrawal Date, the Master Servicer shall withdraw or direct the withdrawal of funds in the Custodial Accounts for P&I, for deposit in the Investment Account, in an amount representing:

  • Establishment of Securities Account The Securities Intermediary hereby confirms and agrees that:

  • Investment of Contributions We will invest IRA contributions and reinvest your IRA assets as directed by you based on our then-current investment policies and procedures. If you fail to provide us with investment direction for a contribution, we will return or hold all or part of such contribution based on our policies and procedures. We will not be responsible for any loss of IRA income associated with your failure to provide appropriate investment direction.

  • Trust Account; Distributions On or before the issuance of the Certificates, Fannie Mae shall either (i) open with an Eligible Depository one or more trust accounts in the name of the Trustee of the Trust Fund that shall collectively be the “Trust Account,” (ii) in lieu of maintaining any such account or accounts, maintain the Trust Account by means of appropriate entries on its books and records designating all amounts credited thereto in respect of the Lower Tier Regular Classes and all investments of any such amounts as being held by it in its capacity as Trustee for the benefit of the Holders of the Trust Fund Certificates or