IN TRUST Sample Clauses

IN TRUST. Accounts Obligations ofIn Trust For” Accounts
IN TRUST to secure the payment to Beneficiary of the principal of and interest on the Note at the maturity thereof and all other sums due hereunder or under the Note and the performance of all covenants and agreements herein and in the Note, whereupon this Deed shall cease and be void and the Mortgaged Property shall be released at the cost of Grantor.
IN TRUST for the equal and ratable benefit and security of the Bondowners without preference, priority or distinction as to lien or otherwise of any particular Bond over any other Bond, except as otherwise expressly provided herein and subject to the rights of the Bondholders and Credit Facility Provider; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that the Issuer reserves the right to enforce the Unassigned Rights in its own name and for its own account; and PROVIDED, FURTHER, HOWEVER, that if the Issuer shall pay, cause to be paid or provide for the payment of the principal of, premium, if any, and interest on the Bonds in accordance with Article IX of this Indenture, and shall make all requiredrebate” payments to the United States Treasury in accordance with Section 803 of this Indenture, and if the Issuer shall promptly, faithfully and strictly keep, perform and observe all of its representations, covenants and agreements contained in this Indenture, then in such event this Indenture and the rights hereby granted (excepting Bondowners’ rights theretofore vested) shall cease, terminate and be void, otherwise to remain in full force and effect upon the trusts and subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth. All Bonds issued and secured hereunder are to be issued, authenticated and delivered, and all Trust Funds, revenues and income hereby pledged are to be dealt with and disposed of under and subject to the terms, conditions, stipulations, covenants, agreements, trusts, uses and purposes as hereinafter expressed, and the Issuer has agreed and covenanted, and does hereby agree and covenant, with the Trustee and with the respective Owners from time to time of the Bonds, as follows, THAT IS TO SAY:
IN TRUST. Accounts
IN TRUST. As of the Effective Date, Shenin, on behalf of the Sellers, shall hold the Purchased Interest and all proceeds in respect thereof in trust for the sole use and benefit of Buyer and shall cooperate at any time to cause such interest to be transferred, subject to Assumed Obligations, to Buyer and at no cost to Buyer other than the cost of the actual fee paid or payable to the Government Authority for the transfer to Buyer of the Purchased Interest.
IN TRUST. Buyer shall hold the Shenin Interest and all proceeds in respect thereof in trust for the sole use and benefit of Shenin and shall cooperate at any time to cause such interest to be transferred free and clear of any Encumbrance to Shenin without withholding, reservation, deduction or setoff whatever, and at no cost to Shenin other than the cost of the actual fee paid or payable to the Government Authority for the transfer to Shenin of the Shenin Interest.
IN TRUST. NEVERTHELESS upon the terms and trusts set forth in the Assignment Agreement, as modified by this Modification Agreement, to secure the Obligations for the equal and proportionate benefit and security of the owners from time to time of the Notes, without preference, priority or distinction of any one Note over any other Note by reason of priority in the issue, sale and negotiation thereof or for any other reason, except as explicitly provided otherwise in the Assignment Agreement, as modified by this Modification Agreement.
IN TRUST and for the uses and purposes hereinafter set forth forev er, and Mortgagor does hereby bind itself and its successors and assigns to WARRANT AND FOREVER DEFEND the Mortgaged Property unto the Trustee and unto his respective successors and assigns against any and every person lawfully claiming the same or any part thereof. The Mortgagor hereby covenants with the Mortgagee and with the purchaser at any foreclosure sale that at the execution and delivery hereof, Mortgagor owns the Property and has good, indefeasible estate therein, in fee simple; that the Property is free from all encumbrances and exceptions to title (and any claim of any other person) other than the Permitted Liens as defined in Section 1.1 of the Credit Agreement, (said encumbrances and Permitted Liens are hereinafter collectively referred to as "Permitted Exceptions"); that it has good and marketable title in and to the Property and good and lawful right to sell, mortgage and convey the Property; and that Mortgagor and its successors and assigns shall forever warrant and defend the Property against all claims and demands whatsoever. If and when Mortgagor has paid all of the Obligations, to the extent secured hereby, as provided in Section 5.18 hereof, and there exist no commitments of the Lender under the Loan Documents which could give rise to Obligations, then this Mortgage and the estate, right and interest of Mortgagee in and to the Property shall cease and shall be released by Mortgagee delivering to Mortgagor a satisfaction of this Mortgage in proper recordable form at the cost of Mortgagor, but until such time shall remain in full force and effect.
IN TRUST to secure the payment to Beneficiary of the Debt at the time and in the manner provided for its payment in the Notes, this Deed of Trust and the other Loan Documents; AND Grantor covenants and agrees with and represents and warrants to Trustee and Beneficiary as follows:

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Transfer in Trust If any Transfer of Shares or Non-Transfer Event occurs which, if effective, would result in any Person Beneficially Owning or Constructively Owning Shares in violation of ‎Section 13.2(a)(i) or (ii).
Trust CNHCA acknowledges and agrees that: (a) CNHCR will, pursuant to the Sale and Servicing Agreement, sell the Receivables to the Trust and assign its rights under this Agreement to the Trust, (b) the Trust will, pursuant to the Indenture, assign such Receivables and such rights to the Indenture Trustee and (c) the representations, warranties and covenants contained in this Agreement and the rights of CNHCR under this Agreement, including under Section 6.2, are intended to benefit the Trust, the Certificateholders and the Noteholders. CNHCA hereby consents to all such sales and assignments and agrees that enforcement of a right or remedy hereunder by the Indenture Trustee shall have the same force and effect as if the right or remedy had been enforced or executed by CNHCR.
Co-Trustees At any time or times, for the purpose of meeting the legal requirements of any jurisdiction in which any part of the Collateral may at the time be located, the Trustee shall have power to appoint one or more Persons to act as Co-trustee, jointly with the Trustee of all or any part of the Collateral, with the power to file such proofs of claim and take such other actions pursuant to Section 5.6 and to make such claims and enforce such rights of action on behalf of the Holders of the Rated Notes subject to the other provisions of this Section 6.13.The Co-Issuers shall join with the Trustee in the execution, delivery and performance of all instruments and agreements necessary or proper to appoint a Co-trustee. If the Co-Issuers do not join in such appointment within 15 days after the receipt by them of a request to do so, the Trustee shall have power to make such appointment.Should any written instrument from the Co-Issuers be required by any Co-trustee so appointed for more fully confirming to such Co-trustee such property, title, right or power, any and all such instruments shall, on request, be executed, acknowledged and delivered by the Co-Issuers. The Co-Issuers agree to pay (subject to the Priority of Payments) for any reasonable fees and expenses in connection with such appointment.Every Co-trustee shall, to the extent permitted by law, but to such extent only, be appointed subject to the following terms:
Paying Agent To Hold Assets in Trust The Trustee as Paying Agent shall, and the Company shall require each Paying Agent other than the Trustee to agree in writing that each Paying Agent shall, hold in trust for the benefit of the Holders of any Series of Securities or the Trustee all assets held by the Paying Agent for the payment of principal of, or interest or premium, if any, on, such Series of Securities (whether such assets have been distributed to it by the Company or any other obligor on such Series of Securities), and the Company and the Paying Agent shall notify the Trustee in writing of any Default by the Company (or any other obligor on such Series of Securities) in making any such payment. The Company at any time may require a Paying Agent to distribute all assets held by it to the Trustee and account for any assets disbursed, and the Trustee may, at any time during the continuance of any payment default with respect to any Series of Securities, upon written request to a Paying Agent, require such Paying Agent to distribute all assets held by it to the Trustee and to account for any assets distributed. Upon distribution to the Trustee of all assets that shall have been delivered by the Company to the Paying Agent, the Paying Agent shall have no further liability for such assets.
Ownership in Trust Upon any purported Transfer or other event described in Section 13.2(b) that would result in a transfer of Shares to a Trust, such Shares shall be deemed to have been transferred to the Trustee as trustee of a Trust for the exclusive benefit of one or more Charitable Beneficiaries. Such transfer to the Trustee shall be effective as of the close of business on the Business Day prior to the purported Transfer or other event that results in the transfer to the Trust pursuant to Section 13.2(b). The Trustee shall be appointed by the Company and shall be a Person unaffiliated with the Company and any Prohibited Owner. Each Charitable Beneficiary shall be designated by the Company as provided in ‎Section 13.11(f).
COMPUTERSHARE TRUST COMPANY OF CANADA a trust company formed under the laws of Canada, in its capacity as Bond Trustee. WHEREAS the parties entered into a trust deed made as of August 10, 2018, as amended by a first amending agreement to trust deed dated November 7, 2018, as further amended by a second amending agreement to trust deed dated August 16, 2019 (as amended, the “Trust Deed”); AND WHEREAS the parties hereto have agreed to amend the Trust Deed pursuant to the terms of this Agreement in accordance with Clause 21.2 of the Trust Deed and Section 8.02 of the Security Agreement; NOW THEREFORE IT IS HEREBY AGREED that in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements herein set forth, the parties agree as follows:
Collateral in Trust The Mortgage Note for each Mortgage Loan is not secured by a pledge of any collateral that has not been assigned to the Purchaser.
Moneys Held in Trust Subject to the provisions of Section 11.05, all moneys received by the Trustee shall, until used or applied as herein provided, be held in trust for the purposes for which they were received, but need not be segregated from other funds except to the extent required by law. The Trustee shall be under no liability for interest on any moneys received by it hereunder except such as it may agree with the Company to pay thereon.
Duty To Hold In Trust Upon the occurrence of any Event of Default and at any time thereafter, the Company shall, upon receipt by it of any revenue, income or other sums subject to the Security Interest, whether payable pursuant to the Notes or otherwise, or of any check, draft, note, trade acceptance or other instrument evidencing an obligation to pay any such sum, hold the same in trust for the Secured Party and shall forthwith endorse and transfer any such sums or instruments, or both, to the Secured Party for application to the satisfaction of the Obligations.
Separate Trustees and Co-Trustees The Trustee shall have the power from time to time to appoint one or more persons or corporations to act either as co-trustees jointly with the Trustee, or as separate trustees, for the purpose of holding title to, foreclosing or otherwise taking action with respect to any Mortgage Loan outside the state where the Trustee has its principal place of business, where such separate trustee or co-trustee is necessary or advisable (or the Trustee is advised by the Master Servicer that such separate trustee or co-trustee is necessary or advisable) under the laws of any state in which a Mortgaged Property is located or for the purpose of otherwise conforming to any legal requirement, restriction or condition in any state in which a Mortgaged Property is located or in any state in which any portion of the Trust Estate is located. The Master Servicer shall advise the Trustee when, in its good faith opinion, a separate trustee or co-trustee is necessary or advisable as aforesaid. The separate trustees or co-trustees so appointed shall be trustees for the benefit of all of the Certificateholders and shall have such powers, rights and remedies as shall be specified in the instrument of appointment; provided, however, that no such appointment shall, or shall be deemed to, constitute the appointee an agent of the Trustee. The Seller and the Master Servicer shall join in any such appointment, but such joining shall not be necessary for the effectiveness of such appointment. Every separate trustee and co-trustee shall, to the extent permitted by law, be appointed and act subject to the following provisions and conditions: