Capable of operating definition

Capable of operating means the standard voltage rating at which the line, wire or cable can be operated consistent with the level of the insulators and the conductors used in construction of the line, wire, or cable based on manufacturer’s specifications, industry practice, and applicable industry standards.

Examples of Capable of operating in a sentence

  • Capable of operating continuously in ambient temperature of 10 to 50 degree C and relative humidity of 15 to 90% in ideal circumstances.

  • Operating condition: Capable of operating continuously in ambient temperature of 5 to 50 deg C and relative humidity of 15 to 80% in ideal circumstances.

  • Capable of operating in seas with Beaufort swells and wave conditions of up to two meters.

  • Capable of operating continuously on full load at the site elevation for a period of six hours.

  • Capable of operating multimedia and distance learning equipment.Functional Responsibility: Collects, organizes, and composes training materials.

  • Operating condition: Capable of operating continuously in ambient temperature of 10 to 40 deg C and relative humidity of 15 to 90% in ideal circumstances.

  • Operating condition: Capable of operating continuously in ambient temperature of 10 to 40 deg C and relative humidity of 15 to 90% in ideal circumstances.22.

  • Capable of operating at varying rates of speed to correspond to the exact dictates of the controller and variable load requirements.

  • Capable of operating at constant forward speeds consistent with satisfactory laying of mixture.

  • He has experience in computer networking, server, storage and database management.• Capable of operating J2EE and SSh framework as well as C+ and Python programming .

Related to Capable of operating

  • Plan of operation means a statment submitted to FCIC each year in which a reinsured or a prospective reinsured specifies the reinsurance options it wishes to use, its marketing plan, and similar information as required by the Corporation.

  • Area of operation means the area from which the persons can be admitted as members of the Bank.

  • AREA OF OPERATIONS means the Company's oilfield operations in the State of

  • Areas of Operations means the locations where PURCHASER performs the operations described in the contract.

  • Hours of Operation are the hours established by the Employer to provide adequate service to the public and to fulfil the functions of the work unit.

  • Certificate of operation means a document issued by the administrator or an approved local jurisdiction for a conveyance indicating that the conveyance has been inspected by the administrator, an approved local jurisdiction, or a licensed third-party conveyance inspector and approved under this article.

  • Commencement of Operations means, with respect to any Facility, the completion and the performance of all of the following activities:

  • Railway Operation means the construction and operation under this Agreement of the relevant Railway and associated access roads and Additional Infrastructure (if any) within the relevant Railway Corridor and of the associated Lateral Access Roads, in accordance with approved proposals;

  • Operations means all the activities conducted by PURCHASER under this contract, including project work, logging, or post harvest activities; or the furnishing of all materials, equipment, labor, and incidentals necessary to successfully complete any individual item or the entire contract.

  • CT conditions of operation means all selectable parameters governing the operation of a CT X-ray system including, but not limited to, nominal tomographic section thickness, filtration, and the technique factors as defined in 41.1(2).

  • Farm operation means any activity conducted solely or primarily for the production of one or more agricultural products or commodities, including timber, for sale or home use, and customarily producing such products or commodities in sufficient quantity to be capable of contributing materially to the operator's support.

  • Consolidated refers to the consolidation of accounts in accordance with GAAP.

  • co-operative means a co-operative registered in terms of section 7 of Cooperatives Act, 2005 (Act No. 14 of 2005)

  • Financial Services Business for purposes of this Unit Agreement shall mean the business of banking, including deposit, credit, trust and investment services, mortgage banking, asset management, and brokerage and investment banking services. (C) The term "Managerial Responsibilities" for purposes of this Unit Agreement shall mean managerial and supervisory responsibilities and duties that are substantially the same as that Grantee is performing for SunTrust or a SunTrust Affiliate on the date of this Unit Agreement. (D) The term "SunTrust Affiliate" for purposes of this Unit Agreement shall mean any corporation which is a subsidiary corporation (within the meaning of §424(f) of the Code) of SunTrust except a corporation which has subsidiary corporation status under §424(f) of the Code exclusively as a result of SunTrust or a SunTrust Affiliate holding stock in such corporation as a fiduciary with respect to any trust, estate, conservatorship, guardianship or agency. (E) The term "Territory" for purposes of this Unit Agreement shall mean the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, which are the states and Territories in which SunTrust has significant operations on the date of this Unit Agreement. (F) "Trade Secret" for purposes of Unit Agreement shall mean information, including, but not limited to, technical or nontechnical data, a formula, a pattern, a compilation, a program, a device, a method, a technique, a drawing, a process, financial data, financial plans, product plans, or a list of actual or potential customers or suppliers that: (i) derives economic value, actual or potential, from not being generally known to, and not being readily ascertainable by proper means by, other persons who can obtain economic value from it is disclosure or use, and (ii) is the subject of reasonable efforts by SunTrust or a SunTrust Affiliate to maintain its secrecy.

  • In operation means engaged in activity related to the primary design function of the source.

  • Operating or "Operation" means to provide (or the provision of) all the operation, engineering, purchasing, repair, supervision, training, inspection, testing, protection, use, management, improvement, replacement, refurbishment, retirement, and maintenance activities associated with operating the Generating Facility in accordance with Prudent Electrical Practices.

  • Health Care Operations shall have the meaning given to such term under the HIPAA 2 Privacy Rule in 45 CFR § 164.501.

  • Production Operations means all operations conducted for the purpose of producing Petroleum from the Development Area after the commencement of production from the Development Area including the operation and maintenance of all necessary facilities therefor.

  • Capable means that in the opinion of a court or in the opinion of the patient’s prescribing physician, consulting physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or clinical social worker, a patient has the ability to make and communicate health care decisions to health care providers, including communication through persons familiar with the patient’s manner of communicating if those persons are available.

  • Business operations means engaging in commerce in any form, including by acquiring, developing, maintaining, owning, selling, possessing, leasing, or operating equipment, facilities, personnel, products, services, personal property, real property, or any other apparatus of business or commerce.

  • Consolidated Entities as of any date of determination, any entities whose financial results are consolidated with those of Kimco in accordance with GAAP.

  • Public resources means water, fish, and wildlife and in addition means capital improvements of the state or its political subdivisions.

  • Exploration Operations means operations conducted in the Contract Area pursuant to this Contract in searching for Petroleum and in the course of an Appraisal Programme and shall include but not be limited to aerial, geological, geophysical, geochemical, palaeontological, palynological, topographical and seismic surveys, analysis, studies and their interpretation, investigations relating to the subsurface geology including structural test drilling, stratigraphic test drilling, drilling of Exploration Xxxxx and Appraisal Xxxxx and other related activities such as surveying, drill site preparation and all work necessarily connected therewith that is conducted in connection with Petroleum exploration.

  • financial service means a service of a financial nature, including insurance, and a service incidental or auxiliary to a service of a financial nature;

  • Segment means a portion of the Term Loan (or all thereof) with respect to which a particular interest rate is (or is proposed to be) applicable.

  • SBE Certified Business (or “SBEs”) means a business that meets the criteria set forth in Section 1.07.050 of this chapter and has been certified as meeting that criteria by the Community and Economic Development Department-SBE Program Coordinator.