Metering Equipment Sample Clauses

Metering Equipment. 13.01. Utility will furnish, install, own and maintain metering equipment capable of measuring the flow of kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy. The Customer's service associated with the CRG will be metered at a single metering point. The metering equipment will measure energy delivered by Utility to Customer and also measure energy delivered by Customer to Utility. Customer agrees to provide safe and reasonable access to the premises for installation of this equipment and its future maintenance or removal.
Metering Equipment. Metering equipment shall be electronic tri-vector meters of accuracy 0.2 % required for the Project (both main and check meters). The main meter shall be installed and owned by the Company, whereas the check meter shall be installed and owned by the ...
Metering Equipment. Suitable metering equipment at the metering points as described in Section 4.03 above shall include electric meters, potential and current transformers, and such other appurtenances as shall be necessary to give for each direction of flow the following quantities: (i) an automatic record of the kilowatt-hours for each clock-hour, and (ii) a continuous integration record of the kilowatt-hours.
Metering Equipment. The amount of Net Energy delivered to Buyer shall be derived from data measured by the meter(s) and associated telecommunications equipment installed at the Delivery Point by SCE&G Transmission ("Buyer's Meter(s)") pursuant to any agreement between SCE&G Transmission and Seller for interconnection of the Facility. Seller shall authorize SCE&G Transmission to provide meter data to Buyer, and hereby grants Buyer with rights to physically access the Buyer's Meter. Seller shall be responsible for paying SCE&G Transmission for all costs relating to the Buyer's Meter, including, without limitation, its procurement, installation, operation, calibration, and maintenance. Seller shall ensure in its arrangement with SCE&G Transmission for the Buyer's Meter to include communication equipment that enables Buyer to access and read the meter from a remote location. Seller shall provide Buyer (at Seller's cost) with appropriate telephonic/electronic communication to allow Buyer to remotely read the meter. Except as provided in Sections
Metering Equipment. Member-Generator’s System shall be equipped with sufficient metering equipment capable of measuring the net amount of electrical energy both produced and consumed by the Member-Generator, either by employing a single, bi-directional meter that measures the amount of electrical energy produced and consumed, or by employing multiple meters that separately measure the Member-Generator’s consumption and production of electricity.
Metering Equipment. The Seller shall furnish, install, own, operate, and maintain at its own expense the necessary metering equipment to reliably measure the quantity of water delivered to the Purchaser and shall test such metering equipment once every year. The Seller shall provide a 48-hour notice to Purchaser prior to conducting any meter tests, allow access to the metering site during testing, and submit the test results to the appropriate official designated by the Purchaser. A meter registering within the acc AWWA Standards shall be deemed to be accurate. de of acceptable limits of disclosed by test results to be inaccurate (registering AWWA Standards based upon type of meter) shall be adjusted for the six-month period prior to the test in accordance with the percentage of inaccuracy found by such test. Xxxxxxxx for the period shall be recalculated and the Purchaser’s account credited or charged accordingly. If any meter fails to register usage for any period, the amount of water furnished during such period shall be estimated by any reasonable means agreeable to both the Purchaser and Seller. The metering equipment shall be read on or about the 26th day of each month, or any other day mutually agreed upon. An appropriate official of the Purchaser shall have access to each master meter for the purpose of collecting usage data and verifying each master meter’s readings.
Metering Equipment. The metering equipment shall be electronic trivector meters of accuracy class 0.2% required for the Project (both main and check meters). The main meter shall be installed and owned by the Company, where as check meters shall be by Corporation. Dedicated core of both CT‟s and PT‟s of required accuracy shall be made available by the Company to Corporation. The metering equipment shall be maintained in accordance with electricity standards. Such equipment shall have the capability of recording half-hourly and monthly readings. The Company shall provide such metering results to Corporation. The meters installed shall be capable of recording and storing half-hourly readings of all the electrical parameters for minimum of 35 days with digital output.
Metering Equipment. Seller will furnish, install, and maintain for the Term of this Agreement without charge to Buyer all required meters, instruments, recording devices, and other related data logging equipment required to measure and record all charges payable by Buyer under this Agreement (collectively, the "Metering Equipment").