French Sample Clauses

French. Les informations présentées dans ce document peuvent vous être fournies dans d’autres formats et d’autres langues. Si vous avez besoin d’une aide complémentaire, veuillez utiliser les coordonnées ci-dessous.
French. The termination of your Investment shall occur (1) when all members of Xxxxxxx A. D. French's family sell their Company Shares if you elect not to sell your Company Shares at this time or (2) when it is unanimously decided by you and Xxxxxxx A. D. French that your Investment is terminated. You shall not to withdraw funds from the brokerage account holding your Company Shares prior to the termination of the Investment. In the event that the members of Xxxxxxx A. D. French's family intend to sell all or substantially all of their Company Shares, Xxxxxxx A. D. French -24- ---------------------- ---------------------- CUSIP No. 000000000 Page 25 of 29 Pages ---------------------- ---------------------- shall notify all Investors of such intent before such sale has been completed and all Investors shall thereafter have the right to sell their Company Shares at the time the members of Xxxxxxx A. D. French's family sell their Company Shares. . In order to assist in the avoidance of the triggering of any "poison pill" measures Company may have in place and/or the triggering of any applicable state anti-takeover statutes, immediately after Xxxxxxx A. D. French discloses to you the name of Company you shall disclose the complete and accurate number of Company Shares, if any, that you currently own and have owned prior to the time of your Investment. If you or your affiliates acquire any Company Shares without the consent of Xxxxxxx A. D. French, you shall (1) be in violation of this agreement, (2) give Xxxxxxx A. D. French notice of such acquisition at the address listed above for Xxxxxxx A. D. French within 24 hours of the acquisition, and (3) indemnify and hold harmless Xxxxxxx A. D. French and all of the other Investors against any and all damages that result from such purchase including reasonable attorneys fees. Such notice shall include the number of shares acquired, the record holder and the beneficial owner of such Company Shares. For the purpose of this agreement "affiliate" shall have the meaning ascribed to it by the United States' Securities Act of 1933, as amended.
French. Unitex (Xxxxxxx, 2010) is a corpus processor implementing finite state technology that can be used for sentence splitting and tokenization for French. It can be freely downloaded and contains resources for various languages. TreeTagger (Xxxxxx, 1997) is a language independent, probabilistic part-of-speech tagger, that uses decision trees to disambiguate word forms (POS). The tool has been adapted to French and a parameter file for FR is available from the author‘s site. The error-driven transformation-based Xxxxx POS tagger (Xxxxx, 1995) has also been adapted to French and can be downloaded from the website of the ATILF-CNRS NLP group12. X. Xxxxxx at the Laboratoire Informatique d‘Avignon has developed a freely downloadable13 dictionary-based POS tagger that also integrates an unknown word guesser and a lemmatizer. A named entity tagger using Conditional Random Fields has also been developed by the same author. The multi-language CST Lemmatiser (Jongejan and Xxxxxxxxx, 2009) has been adapted to French as well. As far as we know, no formal public evaluation is available for the tools above. The GRACE evaluation campaign (Xxxx et al., 1998) was the first evaluation campaign on POS taggers for French. Competing systems were trained on a 10M tokens collection and tested on 650k tokens. Xxxxxxxx et al. (2006) discuss EASY, an evaluation of syntactic analysers for the 13 xxxx://xxx.xxxx-xxxxxxx.xx French language, tested on a manually annotated 83K manually annotated collection. The PASSAGE project (Villemont de la Clergerie et al., 2008) is a follow-up of the Easy evaluation campaign (2007-2010) that aims at building semi-automatically a French Treebank of large size (more than 100 million words) by combining the output of several parsers. Three standard implementations of well known algorithms for POS tagging (Treetagger, Xxxxx, HMM) were trained and evaluated against a derivative corpus of the GRACE campaign in Allauzen and Xxxxxxx-Xxxxxxx (2008). Treetagger was found to be the best system with 95.7% accuracy.
French. Si vous voulez ces renseignements dans votre langue, en gros caractères ou sur cassette, vous êtes xxxxx de nous le faire savoir. Spanish Si usted necesita esta información en su idioma, en letras grandes o en un casette, por favor avísenos. Somali
French. Each of the Other Shareholders severally, as to himself or herself only, and French, jointly and severally with the Other Shareholders, hereby represents, warrants and covenants to the Parent and Merger Sub, subject to such exceptions as are specifically disclosed in writing in the Schedules attached hereto as follows (nothing in any Schedule shall be deemed adequate to disclose an exception to a representation or warranty made herein, however, unless such Schedule identifies the exception with reasonable particularity and describes the relevant facts in reasonable detail such that the facts, information or events disclosed can be readily verified or ascertained from the books, records, and files of the Shareholders, the Company or Subsidiary; without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the mere listing (or inclusion of a copy) of a document or other item shall not be deemed adequate to disclose an exception to a representation or warranty made herein (unless the representation or warranty has to do with the existence of the document or other item itself)):
French. FRE 2510=FREN 215 Intermediate French I FRE 2520=FREN 216 Intermediate French II Electives: Students will choose one option below. Both options will require students to complete upper level courses in their primary major at Fredonia OR
French. (14) a. (Les chaises) Il les a repeintes A-movement the chairs he them:X.XX has xxxxxxx-X.XX
French. In addition to his annual salary, the French Coordinator shall receive a basic Allowance of one thousand three hundred and seventy-five dollars ARTICLE 111--BONUSES
French. L13.11 Effective September 1, 2020 Core French and Immersion teachers shall be required to remain in a French assignment for a minimum of five (5) school years. Following this period, French Core & Immersion Teachers may apply for English or French positions for which they are qualified, if they have five (5) years of service with the Xxxxxxxx- Xxxxxxxxx District School Board in the French Core or Immersion Programs. This will not be applied retroactively to any Teachers currently under this agreement as of the time of signing.
French. Si vous désirez recevoir ce document en français, veuillez contacter votre Bureau de Logements local ou votre Centre d’Accueil.