FACILITIES AND LOCATIONS. A. The District will help support the Network’s facility needs by providing for the following:
FACILITIES AND LOCATIONS. If applicable, UCLA will allow Students from School to use the following: Facilities: No UC facilities will be utilized The School will allow Students and UCLA Program Staff to use the following: Locations: Room College and Career Center every Monday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. If applicable, availability of, and permitted uses for, additional Facilities and/or shall require the express permission of UCLA. Use of UCLA housing Facilities will require a separate agreement signed by the appropriate department at UCLA.


  • Facilities and Equipment Except as set forth herein, Consultant shall, at its sole cost and expense, provide all facilities and equipment that may be necessary to perform the services required by this Agreement. City shall make available to Consultant only the facilities and equipment listed in this section, and only under the terms and conditions set forth herein. City shall furnish physical facilities such as desks, filing cabinets, and conference space, as may be reasonably necessary for Consultant’s use while consulting with City employees and reviewing records and the information in possession of the City. The location, quantity, and time of furnishing those facilities shall be in the sole discretion of City. In no event shall City be obligated to furnish any facility that may involve incurring any direct expense, including but not limited to computer, cellular telephone, long-distance telephone, or other communication charges, vehicles, and reproduction facilities. If the performance of the work specified in Exhibit A requires destructive testing or other work within the City’s public right-of-way, Consultant, or Consultant’s subconsultant, shall obtain an encroachment permit from the City.

  • Facilities and Services The Company shall furnish the Executive with office space, secretarial and support staff, and such other facilities and services as shall be reasonably necessary for the performance of his duties under this Agreement.

  • Use of Facilities and Equipment The Association will be allowed to use school facilities for meetings upon request to and approval of the Superintendent. The Association will be allowed to use school equipment, including typewriters, computers, mimeograph machines, other duplicating equipment, calculating machines, and all types of audio-visual equipment when such equipment is not otherwise in use. The Association shall pay the cost of all materials and supplies incidental to such use and shall be responsible for proper operation of all such equipment.

  • Duties and Location Executive shall perform such duties as are customarily associated with the position of CEO and such other duties as are assigned to Executive by the Board. Executive’s primary office location shall be the Company’s headquarters located in San Diego, California. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to (a) reasonably require Executive to perform Executive’s duties at places other than Executive’s primary office location from time to time and to require reasonable business travel, and (b) modify Executive’s job title and duties as it deems necessary and appropriate in light of the Company’s needs and interests from time to time.

  • UNDERGROUND LOCATIONS Prior to the Company commencing any work the Customer must advise the Company of the precise location of all underground services on the site and clearly xxxx the location. The underground mains and services the Customer must identify include, but are not limited to, telephone cables, fibre optic cables, electrical services, gas services, sewer services, pumping services, sewer connections, sewer sludge mains, water mains, irrigations pipes, oil pumping mains and any other services that may be on site. Whilst the Company will take all care to avoid damage to any underground services the Customer agrees to indemnify the Company in respect of all any liability claims, loss, damage, cost and fines as a result of damage to services not precisely located and notified pursuant to this clause.

  • Maintaining Records; Access to Properties and Inspections Maintain all financial records in accordance with GAAP and permit any persons designated by the Administrative Agent or, upon the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, any Lender to visit and inspect the financial records and the properties of Holdings (prior to a Qualified IPO), the Borrower or any of the Subsidiaries at reasonable times, upon reasonable prior notice to Holdings (prior to a Qualified IPO) or the Borrower, and as often as reasonably requested and to make extracts from and copies of such financial records, and permit any persons designated by the Administrative Agent or, upon the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, any Lender upon reasonable prior notice to Holdings (prior to a Qualified IPO) or the Borrower to discuss the affairs, finances and condition of Holdings (prior to a Qualified IPO), the Borrower or any of the Subsidiaries with the officers thereof and independent accountants therefor (so long as the Borrower has the opportunity to participate in any such discussions with such accountants), in each case, subject to reasonable requirements of confidentiality, including requirements imposed by law or by contract.

  • Use of Facilities and Services Subject to the rules and policies of the University, the UFF Chapter shall have the right to use University facilities for meetings and all other services on the same basis as they are generally available to other University- related organizations, which are defined as follows. University-Related Groups and Organizations. These groups and organizations may or may not receive budgetary support. Examples of such groups include student organizations, honor societies, fraternities, sororities, alumni associations, faculty committees, University Support Personnel System staff council, direct support organizations, the United Faculty of Florida, etc. At a minimum, University facilities provided to UFF Chapter shall include:

  • Utilities and Services Tenant shall be responsible for and shall pay promptly, directly to the appropriate supplier, all charges for water, gas, electricity, sewer, heat, light, power, telephone, refuse pickup, janitorial service, interior landscape maintenance and all other utilities, materials and services furnished directly to Tenant or the Premises or used by Tenant in, on or about the Premises during the Term, together with any taxes thereon. Landlord shall not be liable for damages or otherwise for any failure or interruption of any utility or other service furnished to the Premises, and no such failure or interruption shall be deemed an eviction or entitle Tenant to terminate this Lease or withhold or xxxxx any rent due hereunder. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if as a result of the actions of Landlord, its agents, contractors or employees, for more than three (3) consecutive business days following written notice to Landlord, there is no HVAC or electricity services to the Premises, or such an interruption of other essential utilities and building services, such as fire protection or water, so that the Premises cannot be used by Tenant, in Tenant’s judgment reasonably exercised, then Tenant’s Basic Rent shall thereafter be abated until the Premises are again usable by Tenant; provided, however, that if Landlord is diligently pursuing the repair of such utilities or services and Landlord provides substitute services reasonably suitable for Tenant’s purposes, as for example, bringing in portable air-conditioning equipment, then there shall not be an abatement of Basic Rent. Any disputes concerning the foregoing shall be resolved by JAMS arbitration pursuant to Section 22.7 of this Lease. The foregoing provisions shall not apply in case of damage to, or destruction of, the Premises, which shall be governed by the provisions of Article XI of the Lease. Landlord shall, upon at least 24 hours prior notice to Tenant and during normal business hours (except in cases of emergency), have free access to all electrical and mechanical installations of Landlord.