Expressions of Interest Sample Clauses

Expressions of Interest. (a) The administrator annually determines the teaching assignments that may be available for sessional lecturers under this Collective Agreement. The administrator then makes teaching assignments to Continuing Sessionals, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (reference Article 24.06
Expressions of Interest. 1.3.1 When the new staffing structure is announced, the employer shall invite all teachers to express a preference (or preferences) in writing, for a teaching position (or positions) at the merged school.
Expressions of Interest. It is the desire of LGP to acquire certain rights to STWA’s AOT Technology for the purpose of commercially exploiting the AOT Technology, as such technology relates to the delivery and transportation of crude oil through pipelines, in connection with LGP’s (as represented by LGP) design, development and construction of a non-domestic 900 mile oil pipeline (the “LGP Project”), also known as CECOEH. The LGP Project is subject to the satisfaction of several material conditions including, without limitation, approvals and permits of the countries in which the pipeline will be constructed and operated, and financing of approximately $2.5 billion. The Parties agree, in the foregoing regard, to enter into good faith negotiations providing for a mutually acceptable structure relating to the purchase and commercial exploitation of the AOT Technology by LGP in connection with the LGP Project, including, without limitation, terms and conditions requiring the purchase, delivery and installation of STWA’s AOT Technology at LGP’s expense, and thereafter on-going royalties and/or compensation payable to STWA based on cost savings relating to the use and exploitation of the AOT Technology in connection with the LGP Project.
Expressions of Interest. Where opportunities arise for transfers to fill permanent or temporary vacancies, (excluding those circumstances covered in subclauses 14.5, Permanent TransferEmployee Initiated and 14.6, Cross Transfer, Aurizon will seek volunteers by calling for expressions of interest from employees.
Expressions of Interest. Where operational requirements or opportunities for transfers to fill permanent or temporary vacancies at a location arise excluding those circumstances covered in clauses 14.4, 14.6 and
Expressions of Interest. 13.5 Where opportunities for transfers to fill permanent or temporary vacancies arise (excluding those circumstances covered in subclauses 13.6, Transfer to Selected LocationsWaiting List, 13.10 - 13.11, Permanent TransferEmployee Initiated and 13.12 - 13.13, Cross Transfer), Aurizon will seek volunteers by calling for expressions of interest from employees. Transfer to Selected Locations – Waiting List
Expressions of Interest. Each Borrower shall promptly provide the Administrative Agent with written notification of any offers or written indications of interest concerning or relating to the purchase, directly or indirectly, of any of the ING Collateral or any of Borrowers' businesses as soon as practicable with all relevant information concerning any such offer or indication of interest.
Expressions of Interest. Promptly, and in any event within three (3) Business Days after the occurrence thereof, notice if any third party expresses an interest either formally or informally in acquiring all or any substantial part of the Borrowers’ business (the distribution of such information by the Administrative Agent may be subject to certain confidentiality arrangements as are appropriate and may be reasonably agreed upon).
Expressions of Interest. Upon execution of this contract ----------------------- neither Seller nor Broker will seek or accept other offers or expressions of interest on the Property until such time as the Due Diligence Period terminates. If Seller or CAPS receives any offer or expressions of interest during this period, the party receiving such offer or expression will promptly advise Purchaser that such offer or expression has been made. Seller will not accept any offer unless Buyer terminates this contract pursuant to Section 4.5 hereof after the Due Diligence Period. The Confidentiality Agreement dated May 21, 1997, which is incorporated herein by this reference, will remain in effect until the Due Diligence Period shall terminate, as provided in the Confidentiality Agreement.