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Domestic Law. Canada As from January 1, 2008, no withholding tax on interest paid to corporate recipients. If not paid under arm's length conditions, withholding tax is 25%. Interest paid to individuals: Withholding tax is 25%. China Withholding tax is 10%, unless paid in connection with a permanent establishment which the recipient has in China. Interest on certain governmental loans may be exempt.
Domestic Law. The Ethiopian state consists of a federal government and state governments. These governments consist of executive, legislative and administrative branches. The Constitution contains a list of issues on which the federal government has exclusive legislative powers. Matters that are not covered by that list may be legislated on by the States. The transport function has been elaborated on in the Transport Authority Act, which gives the federal government extensive powers in relation to transportation. However, the states for example have their own road traffic safety legislation, resulting in road traffic fines differing from state to state. State laws in general do not really deviate from that of the federal government. Domestic laws are initiated from the different government institutions and consist of proclamations, regulations and directives. Proclamations and regulations are drafted in accordance with the following procedure:  Any road transport laws will be initiated by the Transport Authority and proposed together with an explanatory memorandum to the Ministry of Transport;  If the Ministry of Transport agrees with the proposed legislation, a drafting committee comprising specialists in the field is appointed and a “zero draft” is compiled;  The zero draft is submitted to the Ministry of Transport for comment;  The Drafting Committee then incorporates the comments by the Ministry into the draft legislation, resulting in a second draft;  The second draft of the legislation is submitted to stakeholders for comment;  The stakeholders’ comments are incorporated into the second draft. Ethiopia in general does not publish legislation for public comment. However, public consultation meetings are usually held to obtain the public’s comment;  After the consultation phase, a third draft is compiled incorporating the stakeholders’ and public’s comments;  The Third draft is submitted to the Ministry of Justice (the Federal Attorney General) for constitutional certification and to ensure that the draft legislation does not conflict with existing legislation; after the Attorney general has approved the draft legislation, it is submitted to the Council of Ministers;  The drafting team and the Attorney General present the draft legislation to the council of Ministers in order to explain its content;  If the draft legislation is a proclamation it is submitted to Parliament after approval of the Council of Ministers;  If the draft legislation is regulations...
Domestic Law. 30. Throughout this Thesis, I refer directly or by reference to various terms synonymous with ‘domestic law’, such as ‘municipal law’, ‘internal law’, ‘national law’, and ‘local law’.44 As explained in Xxxxxxxx’x Principles of Public International Law, although these terms might have ‘slightly different connotations’, in this Thesis, they are all used interchangeably to refer to the same concept which is ‘the legal order of or within the state’.45 Unless otherwise stated, the term domestic law in this Thesis refers to the domestic law of the host state.
Domestic Law. The domestic legislation of Angola with regards to all the matters covered by the VLM MOU and the MCBRTA are covered by Presidential Decrees or in the case of general road traffic, by the Road Traffic Law of 2008. With the exception of the transportation of dangerous goods, the current domestic law on vehicle loads, driving licence codes, the liability of overload offences, the calculation of the overload fee, weighbridge certification and verification and reciprocal recognition, is not in line with the VLM MOU or the MCBRTA. It is assumed that the current Presidential Decrees will have to be adjusted in accordance with these agreements.
Domestic Law the law of the United Kingdom or a part of the United Kingdom or Ireland (in the case of Schenker Ireland Limited).

Related to Domestic Law

  • Domestic Leave 6.6.1 The employer shall grant the employee leave on pay as a charge against their sick leave entitlement when the employee is absent from work to attend to a person who is dependent on the employee for care. This shall not preclude the employer from granting additional leave in accordance with clause 6.10 below.

  • Domestic Violence 29.01 The Employer and the Union agree that all Employees have the right to be free from domestic violence. Domestic violence, which may involve physical or psychological violence, stalking or economic abuse against a current or former intimate partner, is a widespread societal problem which must be prevented.

  • Domestic Steel The Recipient shall use and cause all of its Contractors and subcontractors to comply with domestic steel use requirements pursuant to Section 153.011 of the Ohio Revised Code;

  • Domestic Violence Leave Domestic or Sexual Violence Leave will be granted in accordance with the Employment Standards Act as amended from time to time.

  • Domestic regulation

  • Domestic Regulation 1. In sectors where specific commitments are undertaken, each Party shall ensure that all measures of general application affecting trade in services are administered in a reasonable, objective and impartial manner.

  • Domestic Preference 5. The Borrower may grant a margin of preference in the evaluation of bids under international competitive bidding in accordance with paragraphs 2.55(a) and 2.56 of the Procurement Guidelines for domestically manufactured Goods.

  • Domestic Subcustodians Except as provided in Section 7(d), the Custodian shall be liable for the acts or omissions of any Domestic Subcustodian to the same extent as if such actions or omissions were performed by the Custodian itself.

  • Uniform Commercial Code Security Agreement This Deed of Trust is intended to be a security agreement pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code, as in effect in the State of Washington, as amended or recodified from time to time (the “Uniform Commercial Code”) for any of the items specified above as part of the Collateral which, under applicable law, may be subject to a security interest pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code, and Trustor hereby grants Beneficiary a security interest in said items. Trustor agrees that Beneficiary may file this Deed of Trust, or a reproduction thereof, in the real estate records or other appropriate index, as a financing statement for any of the items specified above as part of the Collateral. Any reproduction of this Deed of Trust or of any other security agreement or financing statement shall be sufficient as a financing statement. In addition, Trustor agrees to execute and deliver to Beneficiary, upon Beneficiary’s request, any financing statements, as well as extensions, renewals and amendments thereof, and reproductions of this Deed of Trust in such form as Beneficiary may reasonably require to perfect a security interest with respect to said items. Trustor shall pay all costs of filing such financing statements and any extensions, renewals, amendments and releases thereof, and shall pay all reasonable costs and expenses of any record searches for financing statements Beneficiary may reasonably require. Without the prior written consent of Beneficiary, except as expressly provided in the Credit Agreement, Trustor shall not create or suffer to be created pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code any other security interest in said items, including replacements and additions thereto. Upon a Default, Beneficiary shall have the remedies of a secured party under the Uniform Commercial Code and, at Beneficiary’s option, may also invoke the remedies provided herein or in any of and subject to the terms of the Loan Documents, or pursuant to any applicable law as to such items. In exercising any of said remedies, Beneficiary may proceed against the items of real property and any items of personal property specified above as part of the Collateral separately or together and in any order whatsoever, without in any way affecting the availability of Beneficiary’s remedies under the Uniform Commercial Code or of the remedies provided herein or in any of the Loan Documents. This Deed of Trust constitutes a fixture filing in accordance with the Washington Uniform Commercial Code (RCW 62A.9A-102(40)) as to all or any part of the Collateral which now or hereafter constitutes "Fixtures" under RCW 62A.9A-102(41).

  • Family and Domestic Violence Leave 46.1 For the purposes of this clause, “family and domestic violence” and “family member” are defined in the Award.

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