Distribution of Principal Sample Clauses

Distribution of Principal. Receipts on or after the occurrence of a Non-Asset Trigger Event: On or after the occurrence of a Non-Asset Trigger Event and until the occurrence of an Asset Trigger Event, the Cash Manager (at the direction of the Mortgages Trustee acting on behalf of the Beneficiaries at their direction and with their consent which is hereby given) shall, on each Distribution Date (including, if applicable, any Distribution Date on which a Non-Asset Trigger Event occurs), apply all Mortgages Trustee Principal Receipts to Funding until the Funding Share of the Trust Property has been reduced to zero and shall thereafter, on each Distribution Date, apply all Mortgages Trustee Principal Receipts to the Seller.
Distribution of Principal. During the life of the Current Beneficiary, the Trustee, in her sole discretion, shall distribute to or use for the benefit of the Current Beneficiary such portions or all of the principal of the trust as the Trustee shall from time to time determine to be for the comfortable maintenance, welfare and support of the Current Beneficiary.
Distribution of Principal. If at any time or times the Trustees determine that the net income is insufficient to provide adequately for the Surviving Settlor’s support, health, and maintenance in accordance with the Surviving Settlor’s accustomed standard of living, including medical expenses and the expenses of hospital, nursing, and institutional care, the Trustees shall pay to or use and apply for the benefit of the Surviving Settlor so much or all of the principal as in the Trustees' discretion is necessary for such purposes. Before making such payments of principal, the Trustees shall consider all other income and resources known to the Trustees to be readily available to the Surviving Settlor, and shall require that such other income and resources (including without limitation the principal of the SURVIVOR’S TRUST) be used first for such purposes, to the extent practicable.
Distribution of Principal. On any Monthly Payment Date, until the Outstanding Certificate Balance of the Class R Certificates has been reduced to zero, all amounts in the Trust Agreement Collection Account representing collections of principal payments on the Series 2203 Fredxxx Xxx Security after the Cut-off Date and, following any payment made pursuant to Section 5.03(a), any other amounts in the Trust Agreement Collection Account shall be allocated and distributed to the Certificateholders pro rata in reduction of the Outstanding Certificate Balance of the Class R Certificates.
Distribution of Principal and Income after Division into Shares --------------------------------------------------------------- Upon the division of the Trust Estate into shares as provided in Article III hereof, the Trust Estate as then constituted shall be held or distributed upon the following terms and conditions:
Distribution of Principal. Notwithstanding any other provision contained in this Agreement, the Trustee may distribute to the Primary Beneficiary out of the principal of this trust from time to time such amount or amounts as the Trustee, in the Trustee’s discretion, shall deem advisable to provide for the health, education, support and maintenance of the Primary Beneficiary; provided that the Trustee may not exercise this power to distribute principal to discharge any person’s legal obligation to support the Primary Beneficiary. The Trustee shall make distributions under this paragraph only after having been satisfied by such evidence as the Trustee deems appropriate that the reasonably available separate resources of the proposed distributee are insufficient to provide for his or her needs as defined in this paragraph.
Distribution of Principal. The Trustee shall pay to or for the benefit of the Trustor as soon as reasonably possible after receipt, any prepayment of the stock purchase price made by Buyer pursuant to the Stock Agreement.

Related to Distribution of Principal

  • Distributions of Principal On each Payment Date, the Indenture Trustee will (based on the information in the most recent Monthly Investor Report) pay any amounts allocated to principal under Section 8.2(c) in the following order of priority, in each case, applied pro rata according to the Note Balance of the Notes of that Class:

  • Responsibility of Principal The creation of any subcontract relationship shall not relieve the hiring Party of any of its obligations under this LGIA. The hiring Party shall be fully responsible to the other Parties for the acts or omissions of any subcontractor the hiring Party hires as if no subcontract had been made; provided, however, that in no event shall the CAISO or Participating TO be liable for the actions or inactions of the Interconnection Customer or its subcontractors with respect to obligations of the Interconnection Customer under Article 5 of this LGIA. Any applicable obligation imposed by this LGIA upon the hiring Party shall be equally binding upon, and shall be construed as having application to, any subcontractor of such Party.