Dissolution of the Trust Sample Clauses

Dissolution of the Trust. Upon dissolution of the Trust, the Administrator shall wind up the business and affairs of the Trust as required by Section 3808 of the Statutory Trust Act. Upon the satisfaction and discharge of the Indenture, and receipt of a certificate from the Indenture Trustee stating that all Noteholders have been paid in full and that the Indenture Trustee is aware of no claims remaining against the Trust in respect of the Indenture and the Notes, the Administrator, in the absence of actual knowledge of any other claim against the Trust, shall be deemed to have made reasonable provision to pay all claims and obligations (including conditional, contingent or unmatured obligations) for purposes of Section 3808(e) of the Statutory Trust Act and upon the written direction and at the expense of the Certificateholder the Owner Trustee shall cause the Certificate of Trust to be cancelled by filing a certificate of cancellation with the Delaware Secretary of State in accordance with the provisions of Section 3810 of the Statutory Trust Act, at which time the Trust shall terminate and this Agreement (other than Article VIII) shall be of no further force or effect.
Dissolution of the Trust. The Trust shall dissolve:
Dissolution of the Trust. (a) The Trust shall dissolve upon the unanimous written agreement of all of the Certificateholders. Upon the dissolution of the Trust, its affairs shall be wound up and its property liquidated. Thereafter, after paying its liabilities in accordance with Section 3808 of the Business Trust Statute, the Delaware Trustee shall cause the Trust's certificate of trust to be canceled by filing a certificate of cancellation with the Secretary of State in accordance with the provisions of Section 3810 of the Business Trust Statute and the Trust shall terminate.
Dissolution of the Trust. (a) Subject to Section 7.03(b), the Trust shall continue in full force and effect until the payment to each Holder or its designee of all amounts required to be paid to it pursuant to this Agreement and the related Certificates and the expiration or termination of all Securitized Financings by their respective terms.
Dissolution of the Trust. (a) If the Trust has not been caused to have a perpetual existence pursuant to Section 5 of this Article IX and notwithstanding any other provision of this Declaration or the By-Laws, unless dissolved earlier in accordance with subsection (b) of this Section 4, the Term of the Trust shall expire on the twelfth (12th) anniversary of the effective date of the Trust’s registration statement on Form N-2 (the “Dissolution Date”); provided, that if the Board of Trustees (the “Board”) believes that, under then-current market conditions, it is in the best interests of the Fund to do so, the Fund may extend the Dissolution Date: (i) once for up to one year, and (ii) once for up to an additional six months, in each case upon the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board and without a Shareholder approval (the “Extended Dissolution Date”).
Dissolution of the Trust. Section 8.01.
Dissolution of the Trust. (a) The Trust shall dissolve, and this Agreement will terminate, upon the later of (i) the Payment Date immediately following the retirement or other liquidation of the last item of Trust Property or (ii) following the payment in full of the Principal Amount of and accrued interest on the Notes, by vote of all the Subordinated Certificateholders, with the consent of the Note Insurer. The bankruptcy, liquidation, dissolution, termination, resignation, expulsion, withdrawal, death or incapacity of any Subordinated Certificateholder shall not (x) operate to terminate this Agreement or the Trust, or (y) entitle such Subordinated Certificateholder to claim an accounting or to take any action or proceeding in any court for a partition or winding up of all or any part of the Trust or Trust Property or (z) otherwise affect the rights, obligations and liabilities of the parties hereto.
Dissolution of the Trust. SECTION 8.01.
Dissolution of the Trust. Section 8.1.
Dissolution of the Trust. The Trust shall be dissolved and its affairs shall be wound up only upon the written election of all the Beneficial Owners, delivered to the Trustee and the Administrator, to dissolve the Trust. Upon dissolution of the Trust, the Trustee shall have power and authority, and is hereby authorized and empowered, to, and shall, wind up the Trust's affairs.