Department of Juvenile Justice Sample Clauses

Department of Juvenile Justice. The Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) twelve- 14 month (255- day) calendar will be jointly developed by the DJJ Administrators and 15 Teachers to ensure the required 240-day instructional calendar and the recommendation 16 shall be forwarded to the TALC Labor/Management Committee.
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Department of Juvenile Justice. Full time twelve (12) month employees in the TALC 5 vacation requests between April 1 and June 30 of each year for vacation leave that will 6 occur from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. Requests for vacation will be 7 granted based on seniority; however, requests received after June 30 will be considered on 8 a first-come first-served basis.

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  • Department of Justice Xxxx X. Xxxxxxx Student Loan Repayment Program (JRJSLRP) Service Agreement – Secondary Term of Service NAME: In consideration of the student loan repayment incentive for which I may qualify under 34 U.S.C. §10671, such incentive having been offered above and beyond the incentive(s) from which I have already benefitted from in exchange for a term of service that I have fulfilled, I hereby agree as follows:

  • Office of Justice Programs The Provider must report suspected fraud, waste and abuse to the OAG’s Office of the Inspector General at 000-000-0000.

  • Department Liaison In performing the Services provided for in this Agreement, Contractor’s liaison with the [insert name of department] will be [insert name of contact person in department].

  • ENVIRONMENT, SAFETY AND HEALTH PROTECTION (a) Seller shall perform this Agreement in a manner that ensures adequate protection for workers, the public, and the environment, and shall be accountable for actions of itself and its lower-tier subcontractors, agents and employees. Seller shall exercise a degree of care commensurate with the work and the associated hazards. Seller shall ensure that management of environment, safety and health (ES&H) functions and activities is an integral and visible part of Seller’s work planning and execution process. In the event that Xxxxxx fails to comply with this Agreement, Company may, without prejudice to any other legal or contractual rights, issue an order stopping all or any part of the work; thereafter a start order for resumption of work may be issued at Company’s discretion. Seller shall make no claim for an extension of time or for compensation or damages by reason of or in connection with such work stoppage. In addition, Company may require, in writing, that Seller remove from the work any employee the Company deems unsafe, incompetent, careless, or otherwise objectionable.

  • CONTRACTOR California Department of General Services Use Only CONTRACTOR’S NAME (if other than an individual, state whether a corporation, partnership, etc.)   BY (Authorized Signature)  DATE SIGNED (Do not type) PRINTED NAME AND TITLE OF PERSON SIGNING   ADDRESS   STATE OF CALIFORNIA AGENCY NAME   BY (Authorized Signature)  DATE SIGNED (Do not type) PRINTED NAME AND TITLE OF PERSON SIGNING Exempt per:       ADDRESS   Exhibit A Project Summary & Scope of Work

  • Department of Health and Human Services An employee notified of a positive controlled substance or alcohol test result may request an independent test of their split sample at the employee’s expense. If the test result is negative, the Employer will reimburse the employee for the cost of the split sample test. An employee who has a positive alcohol test and/or a positive controlled substance test may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, based on the incident that prompted the testing, including a violation of the drug and alcohol free work place rules.

  • Justice To be fair in the treatment of all clients; to provide appropriate services to all.

  • Department Approval All Marketing Materials must be reviewed and have the approval of the Department prior to distribution. The Contractor understands and agrees that when submitting any Marketing Materials to the Department for review, the Department is required to consult with the Medical Care Advisory Committee established under 42 CFR 431.12 or an advisory committee with similar membership.

  • Interlocal Cooperation Act In satisfaction of the requirements of the Cooperation Act in connection with this Agreement, the Parties agree as follows:

  • Legal Protection 7.14.1 The University shall provide legal representation to any Member of the Bargaining Unit who is named a defendant in a civil action based on performance of the Member’s duties within the scope of employment. Legal representation will be at the Member’s request, subject to the approval of the Ohio Attorney General and in accordance with Ohio law. Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 9.87 the University shall seek indemnification from the state for liability or judgment of any Member of the Bargaining Unit resulting from the performance of his or her duties for the University. Nothing in this Section is intended to expand or conflict with current Ohio law.

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