Debts Sample Clauses

Debts. Each party agrees to be separately liable for his or her debts incurred prior to the marriage. During the course of the marriage, both parties shall be responsible for any expenses incurred for the basic necessities of life, such as food, basic clothing needs, shelter, and medical care. With respect to credit card accounts, each party shall retain separate credit card accounts for his or her respective use, if desired.
Debts. The Company has not issued any note, bond, or other debt security or created, incurred, assumed, or guaranteed any indebtedness for borrowed money or capitalized lease obligation;
Debts. In the event that there are outstanding amounts owed to us hereunder, including in your (standard) Coinbase Account, Coinbase reserves the right to debit your Coinbase Pro Account accordingly and/or to withhold amounts from funds you may transfer from your Coinbase Pro Account to your Coinbase Account.
Debts. If you have proven debts to the employer the amount will be deducted from your wages on termination.
Debts. Each party shall pay and be responsible for all debts incurred by the party prior to solemnization of the marriage from that party's Separate Property. Further, each party agrees to indemnify the other for any damages or losses incurred by the other party relative to his or her pre- marriage debts that were not paid pursuant to this agreement.
Debts has not waived or released any debts in whole or in part and has not written off debts in an amount exceeding US$10,000 (or its equivalent in any other currency) in the aggregate;
Debts. [Check and complete only one of these, either (a) or (b). Do not check both (a) and (b)]
Debts. The Borrower and the Guarantor, without the prior written consent of the Required Lenders, shall not incur, create, assume or in any manner become or be liable in respect of any Debt, except for:
Debts. There are no debts owing by or to the Company other than debts which have arisen in the ordinary course of business, nor has the Company lent any money which has not been repaid.
Debts. Assume or otherwise discharge all ordinary and necessary debt, contracts, payables and leases which are obligations of ProMedCo-Temple and which relate principally to the performance of its obligations under this Agreement or the properties subleased by ProMedCo-Temple, if any.