Solvent Sample Clauses

Solvent. On the date hereof, and on the date of each purchase hereunder (both before and after giving effect to such purchase), the Originator shall be Solvent.
Solvent. It (both before and after giving effect to the Loans contemplated hereby) is solvent, has assets having a fair value in excess of the amount required to pay its probable liabilities on its existing debts as they become absolute and matured, and has, and will have, access to adequate capital for the conduct of its business and the ability to pay its debts from time to time incurred in connection therewith as such debts mature.
Solvent. Loan Parties and their Subsidiaries on a consolidated basis are Solvent.
Solvent. The Depositor is Solvent as of the Acquisition Date and before giving effect to such transfer and assignment.
Solvent. The Guarantor is now solvent, and no bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings are pending or to the best of the Guarantor's knowledge contemplated by or against the Guarantor.
Solvent. The Seller is solvent and will not become insolvent after giving effect to the transactions contemplated hereunder; the Seller is paying its debts as they become due; Seller, after giving effect to the contemplated transactions, will have adequate capital to conduct its business.
Solvent. Borrower is solvent as of the date of this Agreement, and none of the terms or provisions of this Agreement shall have the effect of rendering Borrower insolvent. The terms and provisions of this Agreement and all other instruments and agreements entered into in connection herewith are being given for full and fair consideration and exchange of value.
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