Losses incurred Sample Clauses

Losses incurred for the Agreement Year shall mean the loss and loss expense paid by the reinsurer (less salvages and recoveries received) on loss occurring during the Agreement Year, plus loss and loss expense reserves outstanding on losses occurring during the Agreement Year and an IBNR factor of 6.5% for the first adjustment period.
Losses incurred for the Agreement Year shall mean the loss and loss expense paid by the Reinsurer (less salvages and recoveries received) on losses occurring during the Agreement Year, plus loss and loss expense reserves outstanding on losses occurring during the Agreement Year, minus any loss participation, if any, by the Company as provided for in the LOSS RATIO CORRIDOR ARTICLE.
Losses incurred. Losses Paid on the Business during a specified time period, plus any increase or minus any decrease in the Loss Reserve during such period.
Losses incurred d. Net Amount due the Company/The Guardian. The balance due either The Guardian or the Company shall be payable promptly within 15 days of the final quarterly report due date. Following each calendar year, the Company shall submit to The Guardian the following:
Losses incurred 

Related to Losses incurred

  • Indemnified Parties As used in this Lease the term "Indemnified Parties" shall mean Lessor, any Fee Mortgagee and their respective successors, assigns, employees, servants, agents, attorneys, officers, directors, shareholders, partners and owners.

  • Indemnified Persons The Trustee, the Master Servicer, the Company, the Trust Fund and the Securities Administrator and their officers, directors, agents and employees and, with respect to the Trustee, any separate co-trustee and its officers, directors, agents and employees.

  • Indemnifiable Losses 14.3.1 Where an Indemnified Party is entitled to Indemnifiable Losses from the Indemnifying Party pursuant to Article 14.1.1(b) or 14.1.2(b), the Indemnified Party shall promptly notify the Indemnifying Party of the Indemnifiable Losses actually incurred by the Indemnified Party. The Indemnifiable Losses shall be reimbursed by the Indemnifying Party within thirty (30) days of receipt of the notice seeking Indemnifiable Losses by the Indemnified Party. In case of nonpayment of such losses after a valid notice under this Article 14.3, such event shall constitute a payment default under Article 13.

  • Losses Except as otherwise provided herein, losses for each year of the Partnership shall be allocated among the Partners pro rata in accordance with their respective Partnership Interests as specified on Exhibit B.

  • Claims Indemnified Whether or not any Unit is accepted under the Lease, or the Closing occurs, and subject to the exclusions stated in Section 7.2(d) below, Lessee agrees to indemnify, protect, defend and hold harmless each Indemnified Person on an After-Tax Basis against Claims directly or indirectly resulting from or arising out of or alleged to result from or arise out of (whether or not such Indemnified Person shall be indemnified as to such Claim by any other Person but subject to Section 7.2(g)):

  • Losses in Excess of the Stated Threshold In the event that the sum of the Cumulative Loss Amount under this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement and the Stated Loss Amount under the Commercial Shared-Loss Agreement meets or exceeds the Stated Threshold, the loss/recovery sharing percentages set forth herein shall change from 80/20 to 95/5 and thereafter the Receiver shall pay to the Assuming Bank, in immediately available funds, an amount equal to ninety-five percent (95%) of the Monthly Shared-Loss Amount reported on the Monthly Certificate. If the Monthly Shared-Loss Amount reported on the Monthly Certificate is a negative number, the Assuming Bank shall pay to the Receiver in immediately available funds ninety-five percent (95%) of that amount.

  • Indemnified Person If an Indemnified Person is entitled to indemnification under this Article 18 as a result of a claim by a third party, and the Indemnifying Party fails, after notice and reasonable opportunity to proceed under Article 18.1, to assume the defense of such claim, such Indemnified Person may at the expense of the Indemnifying Party contest, settle or consent to the entry of any judgment with respect to, or pay in full, such claim.

  • Purchaser Indemnification 3.4.1. In General . Purchaser shall indemnify, hold harmless and, if requested by a Seller (in such Seller’s sole discretion), defend (with counsel approved by such Seller) such Seller, together with such Seller’s affiliates, parent and subsidiary entities, successors, assigns, partners, managers, members, employees, officers, directors, trustees, shareholders, counsel, representatives, agents, Property Manager, Regional Property Manager, and AIMCO (collectively, including such Seller, “Seller’s Indemnified Parties”), from and against any and all damages, mechanic’s liens, liabilities, penalties, interest, losses, demands, actions, causes of action, claims, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees, including the cost of appeals) (collectively, “Losses”) arising from or related to Purchaser’s or its Consultants’ entry onto such Seller’s Property, and any Inspections or other matters performed by Purchaser with respect to such Property after the Effective Date.

  • The Indemnified Person (a) shall give the Indemnifying Party notice of the Claim promptly after becoming aware thereof (including a statement of facts known to the Indemnified Person related to the Claim and an estimate of the amount thereof); (b) prior to taking any material action with respect to a Third Party Claim, shall consult with the Indemnifying Party as to the procedure to be followed in defending, settling, or compromising the Claim; (c) shall not consent to any settlement or compromise of a Third Party Claim without the written consent of the Indemnifying Party; (d) shall permit the Indemnifying Party to assume the defense of a Third Party Claim (including, except as provided below, the compromise or settlement thereof) at the Indemnifying Party’s own cost and expense, provided, however, that the Indemnified Person shall have the right to approve the Indemnifying Party's choice of legal counsel.

  • Expenses Indemnification Etc (a) The Obligors, jointly and severally, agree to pay or reimburse: