Condition of Subleased Premises Sample Clauses

Condition of Subleased Premises. (a) Subtenant shall maintain and repair the Subleased Premises in a manner consistent with Sublandlord’s obligations under the Lease. Sublandlord shall have the right to enter the Subleased Premises from time to time upon reasonable prior notice to Subtenant, during normal business hours and escorted by Subtenant (if Subtenant makes such escort reasonably available). Sublandlord’s right of entry shall include the right of inspection to confirm that Subtenant is in compliance with all applicable maintenance and repair obligations set forth in the Lease. In the event that Sublandlord determines, in Sublandlord’s reasonable opinion, that Subtenant is in default of any maintenance and/or repair obligation set forth in the Lease, and such default may incur liability to Sublandlord upon the surrender of the Subleased Premises upon the expiration or earlier termination of the Lease (a “Required Repair Item”), then Sublandlord shall have the right to notify Subtenant of any such Required Repair Items. Subtenant shall be obligated to cure such Required Repair Items within thirty (30) days of such notice from Sublandlord, or, if such Required Repair Items cannot be reasonably completed in such thirty (30) day period, such longer period as reasonably necessary to cure such Required Repair Items, so long as Subtenant has commenced such cure and diligently pursues such cure to completion. In no event shall Sublandlord’s rights hereunder impose any additional and/or greater repair or maintenance standards from those set forth in the Lease. In the event Subtenant fails to cure such Required Repair Items as set forth above, then such failure shall be deemed a default under this Sublease, entitling Sublandlord to exercise any of its rights and remedies herein, including, without limitation, the self help rights set forth in Section 6(b) above.
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Condition of Subleased Premises. THE SUBLEASED PREMISES ARE BEING LEASED, AND SUBLESSEE ACCEPTS THE SUBLEASED PREMISES, “AS IS”, “WHERE IS” AND “WITH ALL FAULTS”; AND LANDLORD MAKES NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE SUBLEASED PREMISES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY WARRANTY AS TO THE SUITABILITY, HABITABILITY OR FITNESS OF THE SUBLEASED PREMISES FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR THE ABSENCE OF ANY TOXIC OR OTHERWISE HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES. Sublessee further hereby accepts this Sublease and the Subleased Premises upon the covenants and conditions set forth herein and subject to any encumbrances and other matters of record and all applicable zoning and other Legal Requirements (as “through the wall” sublease defined below) regulating the use of the Subleased Premises. Sublessee has examined the premises and found all of the same satisfactory for all purposes. Sublessor shall not have any liability whatsoever in respect of or arising out of the construction or condition of the Subleased Premises.
Condition of Subleased Premises. Upon the expiration or earlier ------------------------------- termination of this Sublease, Subtenant shall return the Subleased Premises to Sublandlord in the condition required by the Lease, normal wear and tear and damage by casualty or condemnation excepted.
Condition of Subleased Premises. 10.1 Subtenant has examined the Subleased Premises, is aware of the physical condition thereof, and agrees to take the same "AS IS," (unless otherwise provided in Section 7 herein) with the [***] Confidential portions of this document have been redacted and filed separately with the Commission. understanding that there shall be no obligation on the part of Sublandlord to incur any expense whatsoever in connection with the preparation of the Subleased Premises for Subtenant's occupancy thereof, other than to deliver the Subleased Premises in broom-clean condition. Any work performed by Subtenant shall be in accordance with the terms of the Xxxxxxxxx and Section 7 herein. Sublandlord agrees to sell to Subtenant, and Subtenant agrees to purchase certain furniture listed on Page 2 of Exhibit "B" (the "Furniture") for the price of [***]. The Furniture will be sold to Subtenant in its "AS IS" condition, without warranty from Sublandlord (provided, however, that Sublandlord shall assign to Subtenant all of Sublandlord's third-party warranties relating to the Furniture, if any). Payment of the purchase price will be due upon execution of this Sublease, and upon receipt of such payment, Sublandlord will deliver to Subtenant an executed Xxxx of Sale in the form attached hereto as Exhibit B.
Condition of Subleased Premises. Sublessee acknowledges that Sublessee is hiring the Subleased Premises in “as is” condition. In making and executing this Sublease, Sublessee has not relied upon or been induced by any statements or representations of any person with respect to the physical condition of the Subleased Premises. Sublessee has relied solely on its own investigations, examinations and inspections of the Subleased Premises.
Condition of Subleased Premises. Landlord makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, concerning the condition of the Subleased Premises and Subtenant accepts the Subleased Premises in their “AS-IS” condition as of the date hereof.
Condition of Subleased Premises. Subtenant shall accept possession of the Subleased Premises, and the fixtures and appurtenances therein, on the Commencement Date in its then present condition. Accordingly, Sublessor shall have no obligation what so ever to make or construct any improvements within the Subleased Premises. Subtenant shall maintain the Subleased Premises, and the fixtures and appurtenances therein, in good order, repair and condition at all times.
Condition of Subleased Premises. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Master Lease, Sublessee accepts the Subleased Premises in their “AS IS” condition, provided Sublessor shall have the carpets professionally cleaned. Sublessee acknowledges and agrees that neither Sublessor nor Landlord has undertaken any obligation to make or agreed to make any alterations or improvements to the Subleased Premises for Sublessee’s use or occupancy thereof. Any alterations and addition to the Subleased Premises made by Sublessee shall be made in accordance with the Master Lease, and shall be subject to prior written approval by Sublessor (not to be unreasonably withheld) and Landlord as provided therein. At the expiration of the Sublease, Sublessee shall leave the Subleased Premises in broom clean condition and otherwise in the condition called for in the Master Lease. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event shall Sublessee be required to remove or replace any alterations, additions or improvements that were constructed prior to the Commencement Date of this Sublease.
Condition of Subleased Premises. Sublessee hereby agrees to accept the Subleased Premises on an "as is" "as built" condition on the Commencement Date of the term of this Sublease, it being understood and agreed that Sublessor makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the Subleased Premises including by way of example, and not limitation, any warranties of suitability, fitness for purpose of use or habitability.
Condition of Subleased Premises. It is agreed that on the Commencement Date Sublandlord shall deliver the Subleased Premises to the Subtenant, and Subtenant will accept the Subleased Premises from Sublandlord, “as is” in its present condition and Sublandlord has no obligation to perform any work therein or contribute to the cost of any work.