Condition 3 Sample Clauses

Condition 3. If the applicant lodges a supplementary or replacement prospectus, product disclosure statement or information memorandum with ASX, ASX may require it to update this Checklist and any Annexures by reference to that document. All entities – key supporting documents No Item Location/Confirmation
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Condition 3. Design Build Entity timely ordered and/or purchased the materials at issue;
Condition 3. 1(f) – No restraints: If the Condition in clause 3.1(f) is not satisfied at 8.00am on the Implementation Date, then either party may terminate this Agreement by notice to the other at any time before 8.00am on the Implementation Date, provided that the terminating party has complied in all material respects with that party’s obligations under clause 3 in respect of the Condition in clause 3.1(f), including clause 3.10.
Condition 3. 3.1 the Provider acknowledges and agrees that with effect from the Termination Date it shall be precluded from letting any dwelling comprised within any Firm Scheme at an Affordable Rent or market rent; or
Condition 3. 9 constitutes a substantial remedy for late payment of any sum due under the Agreement. To the extent that they may be excluded, the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, and any orders or regulations pursuant thereto, shall not apply.
Condition 3. 1(a) – OIO Condition: If the OIO Condition becomes incapable of satisfaction by the Condition Satisfaction Date and:
Condition 3. 2.2 is varied by the deletion of the words “from an account held in the name of a conveyancer” and the addition in their place of the words “in same day cleared funds from the Buyer’s Solicitors’ client account”.
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Condition 3. 16: Each Bondholder may by written notice to the Trustee request the document(s) or certificate referred to in Condition 3.16, it being understood that such document(s) or certificate may contain non-public information in Bella - Trust Deed relation to the Issuer and/or any Restricted Subsidiary. Upon the receipt of such written notice from such Bondholder, the Trustee shall request the Issuer to provide such document(s) or certificate in accordance with the provisions of Condition 3.16.

Related to Condition 3

  • Fulfillment of Conditions Purchaser (a) shall take all commercially reasonable steps necessary or desirable and proceed diligently and in good faith to satisfy each other condition to the obligations of Seller contained in this Agreement, and (b) shall not, and shall not permit any of its Affiliates to, take or fail to take any action that would reasonably be expected to result in the non-fulfillment of any such condition.

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