Complex Sample Clauses

Complex. The group of buildings and connecting concourses, courtyards, bridges, and green spaces known as the Williams Center Complex.
Complex derivative securities such as range notes, dual index notes, inverse floating-rate notes, leveraged or deleveraged floating-rate notes, or any other complex variable-rate or structured note.
Complex. Unique load which owing to its size, method of attachment or other factors present high risk. Ground conditions which are poor or other environmental factors which as the confined nature of the area or close proximity to busy public areas which present significant risk. Lift Complexity (tick box) Use the table above and information provided Basic Intermediate Complex ☐ ☐ ☐ For basic lifts then a generic Method Statement and Risk Assessment may be sufficient. For intermediate lifts then a site and task specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement will be required. Complex lifts require detailed planning. A detailed Risk Assessment and Method Statement should be produced including detailed and dimensioned drawings should be produced and the Appointed Person should be present on site for the lift. Lifting Logic Ltd Representative Declaration I have reviewed the arrangements in place for this lifting operation and I am satisfied that the lifting operation has been planned with all foreseeable hazards being taken into account and the Safe System of Work is appropriate for the complexity of the lift. I have checked the training certification for those involved and then examination paperwork for the equipment to be used and they are in date. A Safe System of Work has been prepared for this operation and the operator has been briefed on it. The operator has been made aware of any environmental restrictions and the ground conditions. Name: Signature: Date
Complex. An approximately ten acre parcel of land, including the Lot and all buildings thereon and improvements thereto hereafter constructed by Landlord or by an Affiliate of Landlord (as such term is defined below in this Section 1.1), in Cambridge, Massachusetts, currently owned by Landlord and shown on a plan entitled "Master Plan" dated June 1, 1999, Scale 1"=50', a reduced copy of which is attached as Exhibit A hereto, but excluding any portion of the Complex which is not hereafter owned by Landlord or an Affiliate of Landlord. INITIAL ESTIMATED ANNUAL ADDITIONAL RENT FOR PREMISES: [*****Confidential*****] based upon [*****Confidential*****]/r.s.f. INITIAL ESTIMATED ANNUAL ADDITIONAL RENT FOR COMPLEX: [*****Confidential*****] based upon [*****Confidential*****]/r.s.f. LANDLORD: Kendall Square, LLC, formerly known as Cambridge Research Park, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.
Complex a three-building office park consisting of: 1400 State Highway 206, a 15,000 square foot, two-story building; 1420 State Highway 206, a 40,798 square foot, two-story building; and 1430 State Highway 206, a 32,220 square foot, two-story building, presently known as Bedminster Executive Park.
Complex. All land and improvements located at the following street addresses in Parsippany, New Jersey: 1 Sylvan Way, 3 Sylvan Way, 5 Sylvan Way and 7 Sylvan Way.
Complex. The buildings, improvements and grounds known as Fairfax Square, consisting of 386,120 rentable square feet, of which the Building is a part.
Complex is a relative term and the interpretation of circumstances being complex will vary depending on the individual PA’s background, skills, and training as well as experience. Whilst BDO does not object to this inclusion, we do not consider these proposed paragraphs to add value nor provide useful guidance in the management of said “complex” circumstances.