Collection of Goods Sample Clauses

Collection of Goods. 5.1 Payment must be made in full before you collect the Lay-by Product.
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Collection of Goods. The Customer must, unless otherwise agreed, give at least twenty four (24) hours notice to Border Express of its intention to collect Goods or have them collected or redelivered.
Collection of Goods. 10.1 The Goods must be ready for collection by the Owner at the end of the Rental Period. All rubbish and personal property must be removed by the Hirer by the end of the Rental Period.
Collection of Goods. Any repaired or deemed unrepairable devices will be kept for 6 months, after this time the device will be disposed of securely or sold to recoup costs for the repair.
Collection of Goods. (a) Unless otherwise stipulated in the Acceptance of Purchase Order the Customer shall arrange collection of the Goods within 7 days of PTE notifying the Customer that the Goods are ready for collection (“Collection Date”).
Collection of Goods a. Contractor will collect the accumulations of miscellaneous ferrous and non‐ferrous scrap metal or other scrap materials on a regular and frequent basis so that the Goods do not exceed the capacity of the collection areas or receptacles. Contractor shall furnish, at its cost, all labor and material associated with collection and transportation of the Goods by vehicle.
Collection of Goods. 4.1 The Purchaser shall be responsible for uplift of the Goods, immediately after the signing of this Agreement, unless otherwise agreed with the SPCB.
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Collection of Goods. All goods are supplied and delivered in ‘Brand New Condition’. Collection of orders is from the Uniform Shop the day after ordering. During School holidays, orders may be collected at the start of each Term. Please note that during busy periods of the year, (prior to the school year commencing, start of each term, season change over) we may take an extra day or two to prepare your order. If you place an order during these periods, please call the Uniform Shop to confirm that your order is ready for collection. The Online Store accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to goods after collection. Peninsula Grammar Uniform Shop Online takes every care to carry out the instructions of the purchaser, however, it is the responsibility of those purchasing from the online store to undertake a final check of the order prior to submission. Peninsula Grammar Uniform Shop Online accepts no liability whatsoever for any errors in the order.
Collection of Goods. 1. The Parties shall agree on the date and place of delivery or collection of Goods in the Agreement. The Buyer shall present the Seller with all information necessary for the proper performance of the Order.

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  • Description of Goods As ordered by each JBE under a Participating Addendum, Contractor shall provide to the JBEs the following products, goods, materials, and supplies (“Goods”) free and clear of all liens, claims, and encumbrances, and in accordance with this Agreement:

  • Supply of Goods 3.1 The Supplier shall ensure that the Goods shall:

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