Collecting Sample Clauses

Collecting all monthly rentals and other charges due from tenants, all rents and other charges due from concessionaires, users of parking spaces and from users or lessees of other facilities in the Properties. Company hereby authorizes and directs Manager to request, demand, collect, receive and receipt for any and all charges or rents which may at any time be or become due to Company, and to take such legal action as necessary to evict tenants delinquent in payment of monthly rent and to take such legal action as necessary to collect any rentals owing from tenants.
Collecting endorsing and disbursing the insurance loss proceeds and arranging for progress inspections and payments, if necessary;
Collecting a certification from that person; or
Collecting the Rent as per the terms of the Tenancy and paying over to the Landlord (normally within 5 working days of receipt) less any fees or expenses due or incurred for the period. Payments will be made by direct bank transfer and a detailed rent statement will be emailed or posted to the Landlord.
Collecting items of personal information: - Name, Birth, Country, Contact information, Employment status, Organization, Job title
Collecting receiving, using and processing the Information shall be at the minimum extent required to manage the Company’s employees or to meet the Company’s legal obligations. The Company shall be entitled to transfer the Information to third parties, including those located abroad, for the aforesaid purposes or in the course of a potential transaction (such as acquisition, merger or sale of asset).
Collecting and/or selling admissions or tickets at the door during event hour’s needs approval by the Centre Manager. Under Section 6.06150J of the Elgin Municipal Code, it is unlawful for any person renting, leasing or otherwise utilizing any space with The Centre for a private function in which alcohol is being served, including, but not limited to, banquets, dinners for weddings or other special occasions, periodic meetings of service organizations, to permit any person to attend said private function except by appointment or special invitation, or to levy an admission charge to guests as such private functions. The prohibitions of this subsection shall not apply to bona fide political fundraising events or bona fide charitable fundraising events sponsored by a not- for-profit corporation registered and in good standing with the state.
Collecting. We and other members of the HSBC Group may collect, use, process, transfer and disclose Customer Information. We or someone on behalf of the HSBC Group may request Customer Information, and we may collect it: • from you • from a person acting on your behalf • from other sources (including from publicly available information). This information may be generated or combined with other information available to us or other members of the HSBC Group.
Collecting premiums The premium referred to in § 3 shall be paid quarterly to the Joint Office for the LO/NHO Schemes. The premium paid shall cover the enterprise’s aggregate commitments to all Education and Development schemes.