Case Sample Clauses

Case. In the event the Company commences a Chapter 11 case prior to the Expiration Date, the company shall file a motion within two (2) business days of the petition date for the Chapter 11 Case to assume this Agreement pursuant to Section 365 of the Bankruptcy Code. In the event an order is not entered by the Bankruptcy Court approving the assumption of this Agreement within thirty (30) days of the petition date, which order does not become a final, non-appealable order within fifteen (15) days thereof, Executive has the right to terminate his employment with the Company with good reason.
Case. The “Axiomcompany has a “Business” support level specified in the “4 – Axiom” service agreement. Settings specified for cases of “Business” support level in the [ Support levels ] lookup: Response time unit: 15 working minutes Resolution time unit: 1 work hour. Service calendar selected in the “4 – Axiom” service agreement: 5-day workweek (from Monday till Friday), business hours from 10:00 AM till 6:00 PM, no lunch break. For the case with critical priority received from the “Axiom” employee on Monday 10:00 AM the deadlines will be calculated in the following way:
Case. Set up a partner program. Under its conditions, you grant a discount to a reseller partner. The discount sum depends on the number of registered leads and the sum of closed opportunities. Additionally, the partner program provides your partners with the ability to achieve a new tier: from the Bronze tier to the Platinum tier. Your partners can also have extra discounts. The amount of such discounts grows as your partner reaches new tiers. Specify your and your partner’s cooperation parameters If you are already working with your partner under certain conditions, you can streamline your cooperation parameters and capture them on paper or a spreadsheet. For instance, the parameters of a reseller partnership can be represented as in Fig. 1:
Case. Case" means a group of Policies that have a common owner and payor, which have a common corporate objective.
Case. Case means all charges or allegations arising from the same incident. An individual charged with several charges arising from one incident would be counted as one incident if written as one or more causes. Each case that the Contractor is appointed and files a notice of appearance constitutes one “case,” regardless of any subsequent withdrawal and reappointment, for purposes of compensation to be paid to the Contractor pursuant to Exhibit “B” of this Agreement; except that cases appeared on and then withdrawn from because of a conflict or because a defendant is found not be indigent are not considered cases.
Case. A “case” is defined as one or more charges or allegations within a proceeding brought contemporaneously against one client in a case category where the OSPD provides representation. In most situations, a case is defined by the charging document. One complaint, no matter how many charges, is defined as one case.
Case f. The Approval Order and each of its Findings and Conclusions are binding upon the Creditors' Committee and its members, all known creditors and claimants, the FCR and all future claimants and demand holders whose interests are represented by the FCR, and all other Persons or Entities, including but not limited to the Debtors' insurers, that, as of the date the Motion was filed, had filed a notice of appearance or other demand for service of papers in the Debtors' Chapter 11 Case. Federal will not object to or oppose confirmation of the Plan (or confirmation of any subsequently modified plan(s) of reorganization in the Chapter 11 Case), and Federal will not appeal the Confirmation Order provided that the Plan does not in any way impair, diminish or detract from the benefit to Federal of this Agreement and provided further that the Approval Order includes a provision acknowledging that the Plan, as amended, states that any right, claim or cause of action that an Asbestos Insurance Company may have been entitled to assert against a Settling Asbestos Insurance Company under the Federal Policies based on or relating to Asbestos Claims shall be channeled to and become a right, claim or cause of action against the Plan Trust and not against the Settling Asbestos Insurance Company in question and that all persons, including any Asbestos Insurance Company, shall be enjoined from asserting any such right, claim or cause of action against a Settling Asbestos Insurance Company under the Federal Policies, which Settling Asbestos Insurance Company shall be protected by injunction from assertion against it, by an Asbestos Insurance Company, of any Asbestos Claims.
Case. Case" means a group of Policies that have a common owner and payor, have a common corporate objective, and/or a group of Participants that are part of a common benefit plan.